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Arizona's First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus Tours State

ECOtality, a technology innovator that addresses the global energy challenge by developing and commercializing eco-friendly technologies, today brings the first hydrogen fuel cell bus to Arizona. The ECObus is the result of a partnership with Arizona Public Service (APS) company, and will begin its tour of Arizona at today's Clean Cities Coalition event at Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza. During its statewide tour, the public is invited to step onto the zero-emission mobile learning center and experience hydrogen fuel cell technology.

As the state's first hydrogen-powered bus, the ECObus serves as a mobile classroom for hydrogen fuel cell technology. Complete with an audio visual system and interactive workstations, the ECObus is equipped to educate the community - from school children to civic decision makers - about hydrogen's potential as an alternative to carbon fuel-burning vehicles. Compressed hydrogen fuel stored at APS Hydrogen Park will power the bus throughout the tour.

"APS is committed to supporting natural and clean energy development for the state of Arizona. In addition, this partnership presents a good opportunity to further educate students and the public about renewable energy," said Peter Johnston, manager, technology development, APS.

"The launch of ECOtality's ECObus is an important milestone for Arizona and is helping the state remain a leader in clean, alternative fuel use," said Bill Sheaffer, executive director, Valley of the Sun Clean Cities Coalition. "We're proud to be working with organizations like ECOtality and APS, whose commitments to clean technologies significantly impact our environment for the better and serve as an example for communities worldwide."

When used in a fuel cell, hydrogen produces electricity without any harmful emissions; its byproduct is a small amount of water vapor. This is in sharp contrast to today's conventional vehicles which - fueled by petroleum and powered by internal combustion engines - contribute significantly to the greenhouse gases and other noxious substances being emitted into the atmosphere daily. As such, hydrogen is an ideal renewable energy source, answering today's complex energy problems with its ability to power cars, trucks, homes and business with no pollution or greenhouse gases.

"The ECObus will play a key role in helping our community better understand green technologies and underscores the reality that hydrogen fuel is an accessible, safe and reliable energy option," said Jonathan Read, CEO, ECOtality. "Our work with APS and Clean Cities Coalition to bring this educational campaign to Arizona is part of ECOtality's mission to cultivate renewable energy and clean technology solutions that change the way we power our lives."

The ECObus, one of only 12 hydrogen fuel cell buses in North America, will begin its tour on February 27, 2007 showcasing the capabilities of hydrogen fuel cell technology. For more information about the ECObus, visit

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