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Mercedes-Benz Bluetec Wins AJAC's 2007 Best New Technology Award

The Mercedes-Benz Bluetec diesel emissions-control technology, available on the 2007 Mercedes-Benz E320 Bluetec, was declared the Best New Technology for 2007 by the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC). Bluetec enables diesel engines to meet strict new North American emissions standards, thus allowing customers here to access to the many diesel advantages that Europeans have long enjoyed. The award was announced today during a press conference that opened the Canadian International AutoShow media day in Toronto.

The AJAC Technology of the Year award was established to allow a group of technical writers to identify new and innovative technology of significant benefit to the consumer - so much so, that it is likely to be emulated by other manufacturers", says AJAC President and Technology jury chairman Richard Russell. Past winners include everything from run-flat tires to various hybrid and suspension technologies.

Past winners include last year's Lexus Direct and Port Fuel Injection, the Honda Accord Hybrid system in 2005 and the BMW Active Steering technology in 2004.

A panel of technical experts review in detail each of the new technologies submitted for consideration by the car manufacturers. Judging is based on a combination of technical innovation and practicality.

The Best New Technology award is part of AJAC's Canadian Car of the Year awards program, respected world-wide. Over 60 of Canada's top automotive journalists attend an annual "TestFest" to choose the best new vehicles in thirteen different categories.

Dennis DesRosiers of DesRosiers Automotive Consultants said recently: "As car awards go I personally believe that the Automobile Journalists of Canada (AJAC) serve our industry very well. Their testing process is very thorough and fair involving journalists who evaluate a very wide spectrum of vehicles through the year and thus know how to evaluate a complex product. They come together once a year to evaluate these specific vehicles and their choices are almost always right on the mark."

The Car of the Year vote results are posted to the AJAC web site for use by consumers as a resource buying guide. The results show comparisons between all 13 category winners as announced on November 21, 2006, as well as comparative test data from the annual TestFest.

Photos from today's award announcements, the November 21st category winners, and the TestFest evaluation event, are available for print and broadcast media under Canadian Car of the Year Photo Gallery on the AJAC web site:

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