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PlanetTran Launches First All-Hybrid Airport Car Service in San Francisco Bay Area

PlanetTran, LLC, the nation's first all-hybrid car service, today launched its West Coast operations, offering transfer between San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose airports and other locales. The company expands its business from Boston, where it operates a fleet of hybrid vehicles to serve environmentally aware corporate customers and individual consumers. Operating from its San Bruno headquarters, PlanetTran offers Bay Area travelers an alternative to travel via fuel-hungry, high-emissions vehicles in a fleet delivering two-and-a-half times the fuel economy of traditional black car sedans.

"PlanetTran is not your grandfather's car service," said R. Seth Riney, founder and president of PlanetTran. "Offering an eco-friendly alternative to gas-guzzling limos, we are a next-generation business in an old-fashioned industry. With a fleet based exclusively on one of the most technologically advanced vehicles on the road -- the Toyota Prius -- we offer online scheduling and in-car WiFi access for customer convenience as well as real-time vehicle tracking for optimal operational efficiency."

Knox McMullan, executive vice president of PlanetTran Western Region, commented: "The Bay Area is at the forefront of the American green movement. Serving residents and corporate entities deeply committed to environmental responsibility and resource conservation, PlanetTran provides an easy way to choose eco-friendly."

"We are equally committed to customer service," added Mr. McMullan. "Our customers can enjoy the level of professional service that they have come to expect in a car service with the added benefit of minimally impacting the environment. And because our fleet is fuel-efficient, PlanetTran costs less than traditional limo services for our customers."

What People Are Saying About PlanetTran

"Our mission to promote corporate responsibility by engaging companies to adopt more progressive social and environmental policies aligns nicely with the mission of PlanetTran, which offers corporations an eco-friendly choice for scheduled car service," commented Larry Fahn, executive director of As you SOW and former president of The Sierra Club, who has used the service on several trips to the Boston area.

"Next time you need to go to the airport or run around parking-hostile San Francisco, PlanetTran will rescue you from the gas-guzzling alternative," stated Zem Joaquin, Board Member, Global Green USA, the American Affiliate of President Gorbachev's Green Cross International, in her blog, EcoFabulous (January 8, 2007).

To Make a Reservation

PlanetTran provides real-time quotes on transportation between destinations. To receive a real-time quote, visit:

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