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Biofriendly Completes Combustion Efficiency Test

The recently completed test conducted by UM2 Performance Testing in Singapore on Biofriendly Corporation's Green Plus liquid fuel combustion catalyst, showed that it significantly improves fuel economy and reduces harmful emissions. This test, along with over thirty other independent third party tests, has proven the efficacy of Green Plus once again.

Consistent test results across a wide range of vehicles, fuels, ships and other combustion devices continue to confirm the efficacy of our liquid fuel catalyst, Green Plus The latest in Biofriendly's series of third party tests is called a Combustion Efficiency Test. This test is designed to give a "to the second" analysis of the efficiency of an engine while on the road. UM2 Performance Testing normally uses this test to balance the cylinders of race car engines in Singapore in order to improve efficiency. They often test fuel additives in order to find ways to make these engines more efficient. Green Plus was the first additive to do so.

The test was conducted on a gasoline-powered Toyota automobile using equipment made by TFX Engine Technology, Inc. in Canada. TFX personnel reviewed encrypted test data collected by UM2 Performance Testing and had this to say, "This is the first fuel additive that we have ever seen improve performance in this type of test. The improvement was quite remarkable, the engine torque and power increased, and the engine ran significantly smoother."

The test results showed an increase of 5.13% horsepower and 4.84% torque when the vehicle was run with a wide-open throttle. When the Toyota was running at a steady state of 2,080 RPM, the results produced an increase of 13.25% in horsepower and 10.48% in torque. Among the factors which produced these results included maximum compression pressure occurring earlier, thus producing more power in the cylinder.

Positive results like these come as no surprise to Biofriendly as over a dozen earlier certified tests on five continents have shown that Green Plus reduces harmful emissions, improves fuel economy and overall engine performance. This is due to improved combustion caused by the addition of Green Plus. In addition, results from respected institutions such as the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, Southwest Research Institute and the Russian Ministry of Health have shown that Green Plus causes no harm to engines or people.

"Consistent test results across a wide range of vehicles, fuels, ships and other combustion devices continue to confirm the efficacy of our liquid fuel catalyst, Green Plus," said Bill Carroll, Executive Vice-President and Senior Technical Officer of Biofriendly Corporation.

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