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Wal-Mart Completes Trials of Hydrogen-Powered Electric Lift Trucks

Cellex Power Products, Inc today announced successful completion of beta trials at two Ohio-based Wal-Mart distribution centers. The zero-emission, hydrogen fuel cell-powered pallet trucks met and exceeded uptime, fueling, environmental and safety targets.

"This beta trial success is a significant milestone for Cellex from Wal-Mart's perspective," said Johnnie Dobbs, Wal-Mart's executive vice president of Logistics and Supply Chain. "We really put these Cellex-powered vehicles to the test in our pallet truck applications and they did the job. Our pallet truck operators were most pleased with their performance and the ease of use. We now understand that operationally this new technology can be utilized in this application."

The beta completion is the culmination of a rigorous, four-month long field trial of Cellex's CX-P150 fuel cell product. Twelve rider pallet trucks worked in continuous operation, logging more than 18,500 hours of active work with over 2,100 indoor fueling occurrences by pallet truck operators.

"Today, what customers are objectively looking for in regards to fuel cells is real-world proof that they are ready to meet performance and uptime requirements," said Tom Hoying, Cellex's vice president of Sales & Marketing. "For Wal-Mart, this trial was about validating the productivity, environmental and safety benefits of Cellex's fuel cell products in their various pallet truck applications."

Other companies associated with the trials included: BOC, a member of The Linde Group for hydrogen fuel; Ballard Power Systems, Inc. for Mark9 SSL(TM) fuel cell stacks; OKI Systems for service and support; Crown Equipment Corporation and Nissan Barrett for pallet trucks.

Gary Lomas was responsible for delivering the trial for Linde and commented, "We are delighted with the results of this latest trial. Lift truck operators successfully carried out over 2,100 fueling procedures - proving hydrogen can be transferred safely indoors. Our innovative distribution systems culminate in a very simple fueling interface for lift truck operators. Furthermore, reliability of the entire hydrogen supply chain is key to the success of this proposition and Linde's overall system reliability during the trials has been excellent."

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