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H2 Logic to Deliver Fuel Cell Systems for TH!NK Cars

H2 Logic wins "competitive bid" for delivery of fuel cell systems for up to seven "TH!NK hydrogen" city cars that are to operate on a demonstration basis in Scandinavia. The delivery constitutes a collaboration agreement between H2 Logic & Think Technology on developing and commercialising high efficient and zero emission hydrogen powered fuel cell electric city cars. Fuel cell stacks will be supplied from Ballard Power Systems.

Increasing fuel prices and clear effects of global warming have put enormous political focus on sustainable alternatives for existing fossil fuels in transportation. The challenge is to find a renewable energy carrier that holds enough energy to deliver a satisfying operation range in cars. Batteries in combination with hydrogen powered fuel cells give an operation range, similar to the ones of gasoline powered vehicles, yet maintaining the efficiency and zero emissions of an electric vehicle. Hydrogen can be produced based on renewable energy and the only emission when converting it to energy in fuel cells is pure water and at an efficiency twice of normal gasoline combustion engines.

As environmental effects from transport are highest in concentrated cities, H2 Logic and Think Technology will work together to develop very efficient and zero emission hydrogen powered electric cars indented for use in larger cities. The vehicle is called TH!NK hydrogen and is based on the plug-in electric vehicle TH!NK city, which was developed while Think Technology was owned by the Ford Motor Company and which will be launched commercially in 2007.

The TH!NK city car is homologated in EU and US and is as safe as any other car on the road and has a high safety standard. The TH!NK city is environmental in both design and operation - consisting of mainly aluminium and plastic, making it possible to recycle 95% of the materials in the car. With a battery that can be charged either directly from the grid or with a hydrogen powered fuel cell, the TH!NK hydrogen will be one of the most sustainable vehicles ever. Based on a H2 Logic fuel cell system, the TH!NK hydrogen car will have a combined operating range of close to 300 km at an efficiency well above 65% and with no emission of health affecting particles.

The TH!NK hydrogen project was started in 2004 with a €1,35 million grant from the Research Council of Norway. The recently ended phase 1 of the project developed one prototype vehicle. Phase 2 involves the demonstration of up to seven TH!NK hydrogen cars in the Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership that works towards establishing an early infrastructure of hydrogen filling stations by 2012.

The delivery of the fuel cell systems for phase 2 was put out in a competitive bid process where H2 Logic won the delivery. The world leading manufacturer Ballard Power Systems will supply its Mark9 SSL fuel cell stacks for H2 Logic. H2 Logic collaborates with Dantherm Air Handling on the system development.

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