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AFS Trinity Files New Patents For Extreme Hybrid Plug-In Drivetrain

A new patent application filed today by AFS Trinity Power Corporation could make paying more to own a hybrid car a thing of the past, according to AFS Trinity Power Corporation CEO Edward W Furia.

Furia said, "Mileage savings obtained from driving conventional hybrids are not large enough to offset their higher purchase prices that are linked to their expensive battery packs. Battery cost becomes even more important for plug-in hybrids. By providing much higher mileage and using low-cost batteries, AFS Trinity expects its Extreme Hybrid drive train to make possible the first money-saving hybrid vehicles of any kind. Drivers should expect the Extreme Hybrid to pay for itself in five years or less depending on your driving habits and the future price of gasoline."

"Today's patent filing addresses the architecture, power electronics and control strategies of the Extreme Hybrid (XH) drive train. These technologies, which can be likened to the 'brain or control tower' of the system, will allow vehicles containing an XH drive train to enjoy the economies of scale possible with the use of lower cost lithium-ion "energy" batteries similar to the hundreds of millions of cells found in inexpensive consumer electronics," Furia said.

Donald Bender, AFS Trinity Chief Technology Officer, added, "These lithium-ion 'energy batteries' are expected to cost $200 to $300/kWh for this type of cell. They are different from the lithium-ion 'power batteries' that are expected to be used by other hybrids and plug-in hybrids and that are now found in some power tools. Such 'power batteries' currently cost as much as $750/kWH and are not expected to go below $500/kWh in five years. We also expect that the lower cost lithium-ion batteries that the XH will use will out-perform any known nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries as well," Bender said.

Furia continued, "By delivering 250 miles per gallon the way most Americans drive, the Extreme Hybrid will save its owners an average of $12,000 in gas and operating costs over five years and $22,000 over ten years. This is based on $2.85 a gallon of gasoline and off-peak electric power priced at 6

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