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Diesenol Substitute for Conventional Diesel and BioDiesel Fuel

XcelPlus International Inc. recently announced that it had secured exclusive world-wide production and distribution rights for Diesenol an ethanol-based substitute for traditional diesel and BioDiesel fuel, and FlexTek bi-fuel converter for gasoline powered vehicles. Due to some confusion, XcelPlus would like to clarify some points about Diesenol, which is a renewable and environmentally friendly replacement for Diesel and BioDiesel fuels.

Diesenol is NOT the E95 fuel tested in the United States in the early 1990's. E95 is a blend of 95 percent ethanol and 5 percent gasoline and was shown to have many problems. E95 required special equipment for cold starting, as well as higher compression for combustion. Test drivers in Hennepin County Minnesota reported decreased power and reliability problems including fuel injector clogging when using the ethanol/gasoline blend.

Diesenol is NOT a blend of diesel fuel and gasoline. Diesenol is a blend of ethanol and a specially engineered proprietary chemical. The chemical additive was designed specifically to provide combustion and to maintain the integrity of the injector system. Diesenol has better cold start characteristics than conventional diesel fuel and does not require any special equipment or fittings. Diesenol is designed to combust at the same compression as ordinary diesel fuel. Field tests of Diesenol showed none of the problems associated with "E95": Trucks running on Diesenol had more power, better torque curves and no injector failures. The test vehicles were city buses and trailer trucks, each of which logged over 400,000 Kilometers of use with Diesenol fuel.

According to Mr. Bill R. Smith, President of XcelPlus, "While petrol based fuel prices have been steadily increasing, ethanol production technology has been rapidly moving forward. This new fuel economy promises to make Diesenol an economically viable replacement for both Diesel and BioDiesel. In addition to consumer sales, we are currently advancing our marketing plan to offer complete Ethanol solutions to cities and private fleets which will include: Local cellulosic ethanol production to turn waste into inexpensive ethanol; Diesenol fuel packages which will use the cellulosic ethanol to power vehicles, clean emissions and extend engine life; chemical engine treatments to raise fuel economy; and FlexTek technology to convert existing gasoline powered vehicles to run on ethanol."

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