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Julia Roberts Joins Earth Biofuels, Inc. as Spokesperson and Advisory Board Member

Earth Biofuels, Inc today announced that actress Julia Roberts will become a spokesperson for the company and will chair the company's newly formed Advisory Board. Ms. Roberts joins fellow Oscar-winner Morgan Freeman and country music legend Willie Nelson in promoting the use of renewable fuels such as Earth Biofuels' biodiesel and ethanol.

"It's very important that we expand our use of clean energy and make a long-term commitment to it," Roberts said. "Biodiesel and ethanol are better for the environment and for the air we breathe."

The Advisory Board will provide guidance to senior management on key issues and will serve to broaden biofuels awareness on a national scale. Earth Biofuels and Ms. Roberts will collaborate on a program to encourage the use of clean-burning biodiesel fuel in the more than 500,000 diesel school buses currently in service across the United States.

"The use of biodiesel is a positive step toward minimizing pollutive emissions and greenhouse gases," Roberts added. "By focusing on school buses, we can affect the health and wellbeing of the people most susceptible to that pollution -- our children -- today."

"We are very pleased, to say the least, that Ms. Roberts has accepted our invitation to become a spokesperson for the company and chair our Advisory Board," said Earth Biofuels Chairman and CEO, Dennis McLaughlin.

Biodiesel is refined from vegetable oils such as soy, canola, and recycled restaurant grease. Today, B20 is the most common and fastest growing biodiesel blend in the United States. It reduces hydrocarbon emissions by 20 percent and carbon monoxide and particulate emissions by 12 percent. Additionally, biodiesel reduces vehicle sulfur emissions on average by 20 percent, plus biodiesel is nontoxic and biodegradable. Biodiesel is the only alternative fuel certified by the Environmental Protection Agency that fulfills the requirements of Section 211 (B) of the Clean Air Act.

About Earth Biofuels
Earth Biofuels produces and distributes biodiesel fuel through the company's network of wholesale and retail outlets. The fuel is sold under Willie Nelson's brand name, "BioWillie." The Company is focused on capitalizing on the growing demand for alternative and renewable fuels in the domestic market. The Company's website is

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