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Dresser Wayne Introduces First Industry-Approved E85 Fuel Dispenser

As interest in ethanol as a viable alternative fuel continues to rise, Dresser Wayne is introducing the industry's first Weights and Measures- and UL-approved E85 fuel dispenser. The Dresser Wayne Vista 387 E85 fuel dispenser brings the reliability of industry standards to the market, presenting new possibilities to renewable fuel retailers across the nation.

"Until now, retailers have been making the most of providing E85 to the market with non-certified dispensers," says Scott Negley, Dresser Wayne's director of product management. "In bringing certified dispensers to the market, we are able to offer retailers access to the E85 market with the reliability and investment protection of industry certification. At a time when legislation is providing significant economic incentives to E85 retailers, Dresser Wayne feels it is especially important to offer proven and certified equipment."

Given current environmental and economic factors, the E85 market is in a growth stage. However, ethanol presents chemical challenges that require stringent equipment standards to withstand the fuel's corrosive nature. To bring the best-in-class dispenser to the market, Dresser Wayne is partnering with CleanFUEL USA, recognized as a leader in the alternative fuels industry.

"We were glad to collaborate with a company so closely aligned with our philosophy of excellence and commitment to alternative fuel technology," says Curtis Donaldson, president and COO of CleanFUEL USA and the acting chairman of the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition (NEVC). "The impact of an industry-certified E85 dispenser has an immediate benefit to ethanol retailers -- the guarantee that their dispensers have been subjected to rigorous testing and withstand up to years of performance. The release of the Dresser Wayne Vista 387 E85 dispenser now ensures compatibility with alternative fuels and helps realize the vision of the NEVC."

Dresser Wayne expects to expand E85 certification to its Ovation(R) dispensers later this year.

"Dresser Wayne is poised to offer the market certified, reliable equipment to help retailers capitalize on economic incentives and help them capture a portion of the growing market of flex fuel vehicles, including those that accept E85," Negley says. "The Vista 387 E85 dispenser is only the latest in a history of industry firsts for Dresser Wayne. This product is yet another strong testament of our commitment to provide advanced and reliable solutions to fuel retailers."

For more information on the E85 dispenser, visit the Dresser Wayne web site at

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