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Upgraded Public Natural Gas Fueling Station Opens to Serve West Los Angeles Motorists

Motorists driving vehicles powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) can fill up anytime at a newly upgraded public access fueling station located in Santa Monica, California. Operated by Clean Energy, North America's leader in clean transportation, the new station provides clean burning economical fuel for every type of CNG-powered vehicle -- from the Honda Civic GX, taxis, and commercial vans to refuse trucks and street sweepers.

The self-serve fueling process is consumer-friendly and familiar. A driver pulls up to the station's dispenser pump, inserts a Visa or MasterCard, connects the dispenser hose, and fills the tank. Priced today at $2.39 per gallon, the cost for Clean Energy CNG fuel averages about $1 less per gallon than regular gasoline.

Government officials, automakers, commercial natural gas vehicle users, and environmental advocacy group members gathered on May 23 for grand opening ceremonies at the new station site. Special guest speakers at the event included: Santa Monica City Councilmember Kevin McKeown; Martin Schlageter, Campaigns and Advocacy Director, Coalition for Clean Air; and Gunnar Lindstrom, Senior Manager, American Honda.

According to Andrew J. Littlefair, President of Clean Energy, using natural gas is one of the best ways to reduce harmful air pollutants because natural gas burns cleaner than gasoline and other alternative fuels, reducing tailpipe emissions by up to 95 percent.

"Compressed natural gas stands out because it produces the lowest emissions levels of any alternative fuel," Littlefair said. "We are delighted to bring this economical and environmentally-friendly fueling service to the people of Santa Monica and the adjoining West Los Angeles area. Santa Monica has long been recognized for its unflagging commitment to ensuring a healthy environment for its citizens, and we're very proud to now be a part of that effort."

Formerly operated by the Southern California Gas Company, Clean Energy's Santa Monica CNG fueling station is located at 1701 Stewart Street near Olympic Boulevard. The site features an all-new infrastructure support system, offering six times the previous fuel capacity, significantly faster fill rates, and improved reliability for motorists.

About Compressed Natural Gas and Natural Gas-Powered Vehicles

Compressed natural gas is odorless, colorless and tasteless. It consists mostly of methane and is drawn from gas wells or in conjunction with domestic crude oil production. CNG vehicles store natural gas in high-pressure fuel cylinders at 3,000 to 3,600 pounds per square inch. CNG's popularity stems, in part, from its clean burning properties. CNG vehicles generate fewer exhaust and greenhouse gas emissions than their diesel or gasoline powered counterparts.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency's Green Vehicle Guide, NGVs are the cleanest vehicles commercially available today.

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