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Shell Launches its Fuel Economy Formula in NZ

Literally days after achieving the Guinness World Record, using a fuel based on the same technology Shell will launch its improved Shell Ultra 91 and Ultra Hi 95 petrols with Fuel Economy Formula to drivers in New Zealand.

The improved Shell petrols with Fuel Economy Formula are based on the same fuel technology that was vital to the success of John and Helen Taylors’ Guinness World Record for fuel efficiency. The Shell Fuel Economy Formula is designed to help improve engine efficiency and is being offered in both Shell maingrade petrols at no extra cost. The improved formula is part of Shell’s ongoing commitment to help its customers get the most out of their fuel, an effort that started with the development of fuel efficient driving practices shared by Shell under the name of FuelStretch driving tips.

The Shell Fuel Economy Formula is a result of a long-term research programme by Shell, dedicated to discovering and designing products to take motorists further. The Fuel Economy Formula is designed to promote engine cleanliness and friction reduction for improved engine efficiency.

Rob Mahoney, Shell’s Retail General Manager says, “We believe that Shell Ultra 91 and Ultra Hi 95 with the Fuel Economy Formula will be welcomed by New Zealand motorists who are concerned about increasing motoring costs. Through a combination of vehicle maintenance, improved driving styles and choosing the right fuel, we’ve shown customers can make a real difference to their own mileage figures.”

These improved fuels are based on the same technology found in the fuel which was the driving force behind the incredible success of the Shell Fuel Economy World Record Challenge - a mission by couple John and Helen Taylor to set a Guinness World Record for fuel efficiency on a drive around the world. This technology combined with Shell’s FuelStretch driving tips, allowed the Taylors to successfully circumnavigate 28,970kms/ 18,000 miles around the globe in only 24 fill-ups - achieving an average of 22.2 km per litre/62.7 miles per gallon (Imp), and surpassing all expectations of how well the fuel would perform. The Taylors used a standard car - a VW Golf FSI1.6 - breaking the manufacturer’s official consumption figures of 14.3 km per litre/40 miles per gallon (imp) by 55%.

“Shell is proud to offer this improved formulation to customers, helping to increase fuel efficiency and reduce motoring costs,” adds Rob Mahoney. “In the same way the Taylors set a new Guinness World Record for fuel efficiency we hope everyday drivers in New Zealand will be pleased with the results and set their own personal records for better fuel economy.”

The Taylors are planning to return to New Zealand in late May to share their record-breaking experience and demonstrate to motorists how they can also achieve fuel efficiency.

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