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Smith Newton First Electric Truck to Win Federal Procurement Standard

The world's best-selling electric truck is successfully targeting the billion-dollar buying power of the US Government.

The Smith Newton has been added to the US General Services Administration (GSA) schedule. The schedule is a list of products approved for purchase by all Federal agencies and the US military. These agencies spend a combined $1 billion every year on GSA-approved vehicles and automotive services. The Smith Newton is the first medium duty electric truck to make the GSA schedule.

The Smith Newton is produced in North America by Smith Electric Vehicles US Corporation. It is already the only medium/heavy duty truck to be certified by the California Air Resources Board.

Bryan Hansel, CEO of Smith Electric Vehicles US Corp, said: Smiths addition to the GSA schedule will provide a significant new opportunity for federal agencies to reduce fleet vehicle greenhouse gas emissions and open a previously untapped market for commercial electric vehicles.

An aggressive move into this market by the federal government will allow producers to rapidly scale up production, lowering costs throughout the industry and driving the creation of high-quality manufacturing jobs.

President Obama recently issued an executive order that, for the first time, requires all federal agencies to measure their greenhouse gas emissions - and set a plan to reduce them. The order specifically mandates a 30 percent reduction in fleet vehicle petroleum use by 2020.

The Smith Newton truck is powered exclusively by leading edge lithium-ion battery technology, meaning it is zero emission at the point of use. It has a top speed of 50mph (80km/h), a range on one battery charge in excess of 100 miles (160km) and a payload of up to 7,300kg. The energy-efficient truck, which is available in 7,500kg, 10,000kg and 12,000kg configurations, also recaptures electricity when it slows or stops, through a process called regenerative braking.

Smith, headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., is a privately held company owned by Private Investors Management and The Tanfield Group Plc, based in the United Kingdom. Tanfield is the parent company of Smith Electric Vehicles in the U.K., the leading manufacturer of zero-emissions battery-electric commercial vehicles in Europe since the 1920s.

Smith Electric Vehicles has produced the Newton truck in Europe for more than three years and has sold vehicles to major fleet operators in sectors such as mail and parcel delivery, logistics, retail, highway maintenance and airports.

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