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Highlights of Toyota's Environmental Progress

Toyota vehicles earn highest tally in "Best of 2006"
For the sixth consecutive year, Toyota cars, trucks, and SUVs appear in more vehicle categories than any other brand in "The Best of" list published by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE). In "The Best of 2006," Toyota vehicles are included in ten of fourteen categories, including Compact, Subcompact, and Midsize Cars; Compact and Standard Pickups; and Compact, Midsize, and Large SUVs.

In addition, more Toyota and Scion vehicles than those of any other automaker appear in "The Best of 2006," and four of the twelve vehicles on ACEEE’s "Greener Choices of 2006" are Toyota models. These lists plus more information on greener cars can be seen at

ACEEE rates vehicles using published EPA and California Air Resources Board (CARB) data, plus calculations of emissions in multiple categories, including greenhouse gases.

Awards: Major recognition from EPA; Prius and Highlander Hybrid rate high
The U.S. EPA has recognized Toyota with the ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence 2006 Award for its proven long-term commitment to energy efficiency and management of energy consumption. A select group of organizations that have exhibited outstanding leadership year after year were given the Sustained Excellence award. Toyota has been an EPA ENERGY STAR partner since 2003.

Prius won two awards, Best Car Value Under $23,000 and Midsize Car Under $21,000, in’s 2006 "Best Overall Value of the Year" ratings. Highlander Hybrid 2WD won as Best SUV Value Over $28,000 and as Intermediate SUV Over $29,000. The awards recognize vehicles that deliver lower cost of ownership than competitive vehicles in their respective classes.

Consumer Reports' Top Picks for 2006 include Prius in the "green car" category and Highlander Hybrid for SUVs over $30,000. Prius won for high mileage, and Highlander Hybrid for fuel economy and performance.

Camry Hybrid debuts at Oscars®; Prius and Highlander Hybrid play star roles
Toyota sponsored "Red Carpet, Green Cars" for the fourth consecutive year at the 2006 Academy Awards® in Los Angeles. Participants included Best Actor nominee Jake Gyllenhaal, who rode in a pre-release Camry Hybrid. Best Supporting Actor winner George Clooney and Best Director nominee Paul Haggis arrived in Prius, while Best Actor nominee Joaquin Phoenix, Best Actress nominee and 2004 winner Charlize Theron, and Best Actor nominee David Strathairn were chauffeured in Highlander Hybrid SUVs.

Toyota sponsors Galapagos tour for teachers
The Toyota International Teacher Program is funding a 10-day study tour to the Galapagos Islands this fall for 20 secondary classroom teachers. The study tour is designed to inspire secondary teachers of all subject areas to include environmental topics in their teaching curriculum. Toyota has also collaborated with the World Wildlife Fund on the Galapagos Energy Blueprint, designed to reduce the impact of human visitation on the islands.

Support for cleaner air in the Bay Area
The Bay Area Air Quality Management District has recognized New United Motor Manufacturing Inc., a joint Toyota-General Motors assembly plant, for its support of clean air programs. NUMMI notifies team members when the District’s Spare the Air advisories are issued to protect the health of sensitive groups, such as winter advisories to avoiding burning wood in home fireplaces when pollution measurements are high.

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