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New Technology from Clean Diesel Technologies to Meet Requirements of European Low Emission Zones

Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc, an innovation leader for clean energy and environmental technologies to reduce harmful engine emissions today announced that it has developed a range of retrofit emissions control technologies, called Purifier, to meet the requirements of the London Low Emissions Zone (LEZ). The Mayor of London recently approved plans for the implementation of a London-wide LEZ. In addition, Clean Diesel's Purifier technologies will benefit 31 other similar LEZs planned for metropolitan areas throughout Europe over the next three to four years. The goal of the LEZs is to dramatically reduce the number of heavily polluting commercial vehicles from entering large cities, including London starting in spring 2008, and to enable London and the other cities to achieve European Union air quality objectives.

Dr. Bernhard Steiner, Chief Executive of Clean Diesel Technologies, said Transport for London data indicate there are over 400,000 non-compliant vehicles entering London annually. He stated that those and hundreds of thousands of vehicles throughout Europe would benefit from the Purifier technology. Dr. Steiner estimated the potential market opportunity for Clean Diesel's Purifier technologies in LEZs over the next few years in excess of $100 Million (£50 million).

Tim Rogers, Clean Diesel's Executive Vice President International, stated "Purifier provides fleet operators a cost effective alternative to replacing their vehicles, which in itself offers a huge environmental impact. Furthermore, we are already well advanced with our European partners to license Purifier in many European countries. In London, we have already started the confirmatory test work required to obtain the low emissions certificate that proves LEZ compliance and expect to finish that additional testing by August 2007. We consider the LEZ movement to be a significant opportunity for us and have been developing technology for vehicle emission control for many years, in anticipation that this market would flourish."

Commercial operators wishing to enter the London LEZ, as confirmed recently by Mayor Ken Livingstone, can either opt to pay a fixed fee of $400 (£200) per day or ensure that their vehicles comply with Euro III standards on particulate matter. Almost two-thirds of particulate matter and half of the emissions of oxides of nitrogen (two of the key pollutants of concern in London) are from road transport. The LEZ applies specifically to diesel engine trucks, buses, coaches, large vans and minibuses.

Mr. Rogers said, "The Clean Diesel Purifier technology systems are among the lowest priced solutions on the market and are designed to ensure all vehicles are made compliant within the LEZ. Existing retrofit particulate filter systems on the market are often unnecessarily complex and require a comparatively high level of maintenance."

Clean Diesel has a range of Purifier technology products including the Purifier E4, to upgrade vehicles from Euro I to Euro III emissions levels, or from Euro II to Euro IV standards and the Purifier E3 to upgrade from Euro II to Euro III standards. These products are based on Clean Diesel's Purifier particulate matter filtration technology which has been verified in the Environmental Technology Verification of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and its diesel particulate filter technology which has been approved by the European VERT.

The Purifier products have been extensively tested and are in commercial use around the world. As well as reducing particulate matter, the Company's Purifier products are also neutral with regards to harmful nitrogen dioxide (NO2) emissions, which are often an unwanted by-product of many of the catalyzed emission systems currently in use.

Clean Diesel Technologies is currently offering to license its Purifier technologies to systems integrators and to other suppliers of emission control solutions. The Company's products were well received during April's Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham, England by many including haulers and bus companies.

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