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Diesenol Substitute for Conventional Diesel and BioDiesel Fuel

XcelPlus International Inc.

Leading Engine and Truck Makers Demonstrate Readiness to Deliver Clean Diesel

"We're ready" was the message echoed today by all six leading diesel engine and truck manufacturers, as they declared themselves on-track to deliver the next generation of clean diesel technology beginning in January 2007.

Earth Biofuels Opens Biodiesel Blending Facilities

Distribution Drive, a wholly owned subsidiary of Earth Biofuels, Inc, today announced the opening of its new biodiesel blending facility located at the Motiva Enterprises terminal in Dallas, TX.

Nova Energy Launches Biodiesel Fuel Company

Nova Energy Holding, Inc announced the launch of its new biodiesel fuel company, which is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Peugeot Citroen Develops Diesel Hybrid Vehicles

French carmaker PSA Puegeot Ciroen unveiled two demonstration diesel-hybrid vehicles that can acheive fuel economy ratings of almost 70 miles per gallon.

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