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Dresser Wayne Introduces First Industry-Approved E85 Fuel Dispenser

As interest in ethanol as a viable alternative fuel continues to rise, Dresser Wayne is introducing the industry's first Weights and Measures- and UL-approved E85 fuel dispenser.

Drivers Want a Clean Air Choice at the Pump and Dealership

A new survey shows consumer awareness of the ethanol-based alternative fuel E85 is relatively high at 60 percent.

Upgraded Public Natural Gas Fueling Station Opens to Serve West Los Angeles Motorists

Motorists driving vehicles powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) can fill up anytime at a newly upgraded public access fueling station located in Santa Monica, California.

Automobile Manufacturers Urge Americans to Discover Alternative Fuel Automobiles

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, a trade association including BMW Group, DaimlerChrysler, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Mazda, Mitsubishi Motors, Porsche, Toyota and Volkswagen, has launched an initiative, Lawsuit, Website Take on Bush Administration Over Fuel Economy Standards

As the summer driving season begins this Memorial Day weekend, American families continue to struggle with the rise in gas prices resulting from America's dependence on oil. Launches Consumer Guide to E85

To help educate consumers on the pros and cons of E85, cars.

Leading Engine and Truck Makers Demonstrate Readiness to Deliver Clean Diesel

"We're ready" was the message echoed today by all six leading diesel engine and truck manufacturers, as they declared themselves on-track to deliver the next generation of clean diesel technology beginning in January 2007.

Patent Filed for Technology for 250 MPG 'Extreme Hybrid' Plug-In Car

AFS Trinity Power Corporation today filed its patent application disclosing the company's new technology for an Extreme Hybrid car capable of carrying the average American motorist more than 250 miles on a single gallon of gasoline or ethanol.

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