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See All 10 Hybrid Cars on the Market Today

There are no easy answers to American oil dependency and global warming issues.

Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership Officially Formed

The formation of the Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership (SHHP) was today announced as the three hydrogen networking bodies of HyNor (Norway), Hydrogen Link (Denmark) and HyFuture (Sweden) rendezvoused in Copenhagen for its inaugural meeting.

UPS "Green Fleet" Passes 100 Million Mile Mark

UPS's fleet of alternative fuel trucks recently hit a major milestone, surpassing more than 100 million miles in delivering packages to homes and businesses.

Manufacturers Showcase Alternative Fuel Vehicles

As part of their "Discover the Alternatives Campaign" the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers joined with state legislators, the Pennsylvania Automotive Association and the Pennsylvania AAA Federation to tout their commitment to bringing more alternative fuel automobiles to market and provide an opportunity for legislators to drive these exciting vehicles.

Toyota Launches Completely Redesigned Estima Hybrid

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announced today the nationwide sales launch in Japan of the completely redesigned Estima Hybrid minivan through "Toyota" ("Osaka Toyopet" in the Osaka area) and "Toyota Corolla" dealers.

Ford Shows Off Alternative Powertrain Portfolio at the 2006 Bibendum Challenge

Which fuels and powertrains will we see in cars of the future? An insight into Ford's latest developments and potential future technologies can be seen in Paris at the 2006 "Bibendum Challenge".

Diesenol Substitute for Conventional Diesel and BioDiesel Fuel

XcelPlus International Inc.

Ford Pushing Ethanol as Alternative Fuel

More than a century after Henry Ford built his ethanol-powered quadricycle, the renewable energy source is making a comeback -- big time -- and Ford Motor Company is a leader in its resurgence.

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