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BMW Introduces World's First Hydrogen-drive Luxury Performance Car - The BMW Hydrogen 7

BMW today announced the introduction of the new BMW Hydrogen 7, the world's first hydrogen-drive luxury performance automobile.

Chevrolet Sequel Is A Better, Cleaner, Petroleum-Free Solution

General Motors today announced a drivable version of the most technologically advanced automobile ever built - the Chevrolet Sequel, GM's solution to provide the world with a cleaner, petroleum-free vehicle that is better in nearly every way.

ComEd Joins Illinois Institute of Technology's Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) Project

The Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) today announced that ComEd is joining IIT's Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) Project in collaboration with Chicago-based All Cell Technologies, LLC, the City of Chicago and other industrial and government partners in an effort to double the fuel efficiency and reduce emissions from the city's fleet of hybrid Ford Escape SUVs.

E85 Ethanol Offers Cleaner Emissions, but Poorer Fuel Economy

Tests and an investigation by Consumer Reports conclude that E85 ethanol will cost consumers more money than gasoline and that there are concerns about whether the government's support of flexible fuel vehicles is really helping the U.

Honda, Toyota, Ford and Volkswagen Land the Most Vehicles in the Automotive Environmental Index

Fifteen out of 37 automotive brands are represented in the top 30 list of environmentally friendly vehicles, according to the JD Power and Associates 2006 Alternative Powertrain Study released today.

New Carbon-Offset Scheme for Fliers Launched

With the recent press on flying and its effects on the environment, issues surrounding global warming and the aviation industry have hit the headlines.

ZAP Introduces New Multi-Purpose Electric Vehicle

Automotive pioneer ZAP is rolling out a new, all-electric vehicle today designed to address the need for gas-free alternatives with multi-purpose city driving, from industrial fleets to commuting.

Study Shows Strong Consumer Consideration for Flex Fuel Vehicles

A new study by global market research company Synovate shows that 37% of US consumers would consider purchasing a Flex Fuel vehicle that runs on gasoline or E85 (85% Ethanol) the next time they are in the market to buy a car.

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