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Report Released Examining Death & Disease Linked to Diesel Locomotive Pollution

A new Environmental Defense report finds that diesel locomotive air pollution is linked to about 3,400 premature deaths and other serious health effects every year, and calls on the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to protect human health by issuing overdue clean air standards.

Argonne National Laboratory Releases Award-Winning Vehicle Simulation Modeling Software

Argonne National Laboratory's Powertrain System Analysis Toolkit (PSAT) enables designers to overcome time and cost constraints for advanced vehicle design, such as hybrid and fuel cell vehicles.

HyPower Develops Hydrogen Technology to Power Vehicle from Water

HyPower Fuel Inc is pleased to announce that the company has equipped a Volkswagen GTi with its H2 Reactor (H2R) hydrogen system that can produce sufficient hydrogen on board, on demand to power the vehicle using only water.

Diesel Drivers Report Superior Real-World Fuel Efficiency

Diesel-powered vehicles deliver more real-world miles per gallon than the numbers on new-car window stickers currently indicate, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency's "YourMPG" database.

H2 Logic to Deliver Fuel Cell Systems for TH!NK Cars

H2 Logic wins "competitive bid" for delivery of fuel cell systems for up to seven "TH!NK hydrogen" city cars that are to operate on a demonstration basis in Scandinavia.

Region Pilot Testing Alternative Fuel to Improve Air Quality in Peel

The Region of Peel has begun pilot testing bio-diesel as an alternative diesel fuel on a number of its fleet vehicles to improve air quality and public health.

Study Finds Enough Electric Capacity to "Fill Up" Plug-in Vehicles Across Much of U.S.

If all the cars and light trucks in the nation switched from oil to electrons, idle capacity in the existing electric power system could generate most of the electricity consumed by plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Gov. Blagojevich Signs Legislation to Increase Environmental Performance of IL Vehicle Fleets

Building on his efforts to support Illinois farmers and expand the use of clean and renewable energy, Governor Rod R Blagojevich today signed legislation requiring state agencies to purchase Flexible Fuel Vehicles (FFVs) that can run on E-85, an 85 percent blend of ethanol and gasoline, and diesel-powered vehicles that run on B-5, a blend of 5 percent biodiesel and regular diesel fuel.

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