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ProLogis Distribution Center in Chicago Recognized for Environmental Design

ProLogis, the world's largest owner, manager and developer of distribution facilities, announced today that a 467,000-square-foot building it developed in Chicago has been recognized for advanced environmental design by the US Green Building Council (USGBC), a building industry nonprofit group that promotes sustainable development.

The distribution center was a build-to-suit project for Anixter International, a leading distributor of wiring, cable and other communications products. Built in 2004 using an array of environmentally sensitive techniques and technologies, the warehouse has now been certified under the USGBC's "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design" (LEED) program.

LEED has become the de-facto U.S. national standard for environmentally responsible construction. The facility leased to Anixter is the largest distribution center in the country to receive LEED designation.

"ProLogis is committed to becoming the global leader in sustainable warehouse construction," said Jack Rizzo, managing director of global construction at ProLogis. "Socially responsible customers like Anixter are demanding that their business facilities incorporate environmental design, as are government regulators who oversee land entitlement in markets all over the world. We're extremely pleased that this facility, one of the first built under the company's sustainability program, has formally achieved the demanding standards specified by the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED program."

The Anixter facility is located outside Chicago in the village of Alsip, Illinois. It serves as Anixter's primary distribution center for small and unique parts serving the communications, electrical and electronic wire and cable industries. Specific environmental design techniques employed in the building include:
  • Extensive use of recycled and locally sourced materials during construction;
  • Skylights and clearstory windows that increase natural daylight to interior areas, reducing usage of electricity;
  • HVAC ventilation system that combine to reduce power consumption and improve air quality for warehouse personnel;
  • Energy-efficient fluorescent lighting with an advanced energy-control system;
  • High-efficiency roof insulation for greater resistance to thermal heat transfer;
  • Low-maintenance landscaping, bioswales and water-efficient irrigation;
  • Bicycle racks and on-site shower facilities, as well as an on-site carpooling program.
"We're very proud that our distribution center in Alsip has received LEED certification," said Ken Hagaman, director of real estate services for Anixter. "Teaming with ProLogis, we have been able to create a distribution facility that provides a better working environment and that significantly reduces energy consumption and carbon output. We've also achieved operational costs savings of more than 25 percent since moving into this facility, along with significant increases in worker productivity."

Anixter's distribution center was designed by Heitman Architects Incorporated, based in Itasca, Illinois.

As part of its sustainable development initiatives, ProLogis provides training for designated employees to become LEED accredited professionals -- an increasingly valuable credential in the building industry. The workshop will educate attendees on green building practices and principles, as well as LEED rating requirements, resources, and processes in preparation for the exam. For more information on ProLogis sustainable developments, go to

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