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Next-Generation 'Sustainable Development Community' Emerges In The Heart of Utah's Prime Ski Country

One of the nation's first new neighborhood construction projects to participate in the US Green Building Council's LEED-ND (Neighborhood Development) pilot program is emerging in the heart of Utah's ski country, just outside of Park City.

Newpark, a thirty-eight acre 'green' community, is being planned and constructed with the latest sustainability concepts in mind.

The community's development firm, Newpark Corporation Inc., retained Denver-based sustainability consultants, DOMANI, to facilitate the LEED-ND planning, design, and oversight process.

Attractive, environmental-friendly living and commercial space at Newpark will feature green planning and architectural concepts to minimize land consumption, energy and water usage, and traffic generation. Innovative green building concepts designed and built into the community will be exhibited in an appealing nature education center that will be LEED-platinum certified.

Residential structures are being built within a few walking minutes of retail stores and public transportation--to prevent sprawl and minimize vehicular traffic in the mixed-use, planned community.

Public spaces, including an amphitheater, sun calendar plaza, and walkways are being designed to create a pleasurable, interconnected community environment. High-tech down-faced lighting will keep the skies above Newpark dark at night.

Signage along walkways throughout the community will explain important features that make Newpark a 'green' community.

"Great land planning and open space preservation can substantially enhance the 'green' performance of a community versus just a group of traditionally placed buildings that use the latest celebrated 'green' technologies," said Jim Doilney, co-partner of the development company. "Newpark will feature many forward-thinking land planning concepts in addition to many of the latest 'green' technologies."

Newpark's sustainability benefits, in conjunction with its beautiful architectural design, affordable housing for staff, and close proximity to some of the finest ski slopes in North America, is attracting a lot of interest among businesses and recreation enthusiasts.

Case in point: The world-class ski equipment and mountain lifestyle manufacturer, Rossignol, is now completing its new North American headquarters at Newpark.

"This will be a very highly-dense and active community," said Marc Wangsgard, co-partner of the development company. More than five acres of open space will be dedicated for every acre that is developed. "This is ten times more than what is specified in the LEED standards," said Wangsgard.

DOMANI has successfully prequalified Newpark for LEED-ND certification.

"We will continue to participate in the ND pilot program throughout the remainder of the design and construction phases of the project," said Erin Leitch, project manager for DOMANI. DOMANI will also support the team throughout the LEED-ND documentation and certification processes.

According to published reports, some of the great ski resort areas of the world have not been immune to the harmful effects of global warming. "People are increasingly interested to learn how to minimize their impacts on the environment," said Leitch. "I believe that Newpark has the potential to become a prototype for smart-growth, environmentally-responsible and sustainable ski resorts throughout North America."

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