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Arup and SIIC Sign Accord to Develop Further Sustainable Cities in China

Today, in a ceremony that took place at Number 10 Downing Street, Arup, the global planning, engineering and design consultancy, signed a wide-reaching contract with Shanghai Industrial Investment Corporation (SIIC), the largest international investment group company owned by Shanghai Municipal Government, that expands on their existing partnership to plan and develop the world's first eco-city at Dongtan, in Shanghai, China. The contract details 11 new areas of agreement and confirms an ongoing commitment for Arup and SIIC to work together on future sustainable development projects.

Peter Head, director, Arup said: "This latest agreement with SIIC re-affirms the intention of both parties to find ways of overcoming the challenges of creating sustainable cities - not just at Dongtan, but elsewhere in China. Significant global climate change, environmental issues, water shortages and the need for the use of cleaner and renewable energy demand the creation of a new approach to urban development."

Mr Ma, executive director, SIIC said: "SIIC's major development in Dongtan, Chongming Island, the intention of the Shanghai Municipal Government, will turn the 86km2 area into a sustainable eco-city. This latest agreement reflects our belief in the ability of Arup, as world-leading consultants, to deliver our vision of China as home to the world's most ecologically-friendly urban developments."

In summary, the new agreement states that:
  • The contract will be used as a model for Arup to be engaged by SIIC for future development projects.
  • SIIC will appoint Arup as consultants for the planning and development phases of sustainable development projects to be considered by SIIC.
  • Together with SIIC, Arup will develop a research programme that SIIC can implement with local research partners on each of their development projects, which will enable best practice to be identified as early as possible for each development. Arup will collate the research results and input them as part of the Planning and Development Consultancy for future projects with the aim of increasing the value and effectiveness of delivery of SIIC's objectives.
  • SIIC is planning to join Arup's programme of offsetting carbon dioxide emissions which arise from their partnership work and an SIIC/Arup partnership website will be established for this purpose. The aim will be to establish SIIC development projects as verifiable renewable energy investments, as soon as possible.
  • SIIC is considering employing Arup to provide support to the preparation of their Annual Report, helping to implement international standards of Corporate Social Responsibility reporting.
On 28 August 2005 Arup signed a contract with SIIC to undertake the integrated master-planning of the built environment for the Dongtan eco-city. Dongtan is situated on Chongming Island, the third largest island in China, which is near Shanghai at the mouth of the Yangtze river and currently a large area of mostly agricultural land. Shanghai Municipal Government is planning to turn Chongming Island into an eco-island, and Dongtan as a model eco-friendly area.

Arup is providing a full range of services for the project, including urban design, planning, sustainable energy management, waste management, renewable energy process implementation, economic and business planning, sustainable building design, architecture, infrastructure and even the planning of communities and social structures. SIIC wishes that the research and development into Dongtan eco-city will provide valuable experience for the rapid growth of Chinese urbanisation.

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