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Nansulate Line of Nanotechnology-Based Coatings, is Creating Quite a Buzz in New Mexico Town

Industrial Nanotech, Inc, an emerging growth company specializing in nanotechnology innovation and product development, announces that that the Company's Nansulate line of nanotechnology-based coatings, is creating quite a buzz in the town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, built on hot springs and known as one of the American Southwest's best kept secrets.

Recently, Industrial Nanotech released a Case Study of a homeowner in this small town, also known for being eco-friendly and the future home of Richard Branson's space tourism venture, Virgin Galactic. The homeowner, Marc Izzard, was seeking a way to insulate his home with an environmentally-friendly product that would also provide energy savings. He utilized Nansulate GP and Top Coat to coat the interior walls and ceilings of his home and was very pleased with the results, realizing a 40% savings in energy costs as well as reduced time for the home to cool off in the summer and heat up in the winter.

Izzard commented, "We are really pleased with the 40% savings in energy cost and the swiftness at which it (the house) cools off and heats up. I tell my friends about it because it really works. You could heat my house with a votive candle and a blow dryer now that it has the nanotech coating on it."

Additionally, Mikey Sklar, who has appeared on programs such as "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart, for having an RFID microchip implanted in his hand, will be using Nansulate to coat his "green" bed and breakfast located on a hot spring in Truth of Consequences. The guest rooms will be coated with Nansulate to significantly reduce energy costs.

"We are very excited to work with home and business owners in the fantastic town of Truth or Consequences. The climate here consists of extreme temperatures, providing a perfect setting for our coatings to showcase their superior thermal insulation capabilities. Additionally, Truth or Consequences is dedicated to creating a 'green building' environment and we are pleased to show that Nansulate coatings are very eco-friendly, an important benefit to our Company and our customers," commented Francesca Crolley, VP of Operations and Marketing for Industrial Nanotech, Inc. "Additionally, this is not the first time that customers have documented 40% or more energy savings in their homes after applying Nansulate. In fact, there is a detailed enthusiastic testimonial from a civil engineer in the 'Residential Testimonials' section of our product website;"

About Nansulate

Nansulate is a product line of water-based translucent insulation coatings containing a nanotechnology-based material well-documented to provide thermal insulation, prevent corrosion and resist mold. The entire Nansulate Product Line includes: Nansulate GP, Nansulate PT, Nansulate Chill Pipe, Nansulate High Heat, Nansulate HomeProtect ClearCoat and HomeProtect Interior, and Nansulate LDX.

Nansulate GP is a general purpose formulation designed for wood, fiberglass and other non-metal substrates and Nansulate PT is a direct to metal coating for pipes, tanks and other metallic substrates. Coatings that target extreme industrial environments include Nansulate Chill Pipe designed for low temperature applications on pipes and tanks and Nansulate High Heat designed for high temperature applications. Nansulate HomeProtect ClearCoat and HomeProtect Interior are designed for residential and commercial buildings and Nansulate LDX is designed for lead encapsulation applications.

About Industrial Nanotech Inc.

Industrial Nanotech Inc. is a global nanoscience solutions and research leader. The Company develops and commercializes new and innovative applications for nanotechnology that address real-world needs through its funding of and participation in research with world-leading scientists and laboratories, including the U.S. Center for Integrated Nanotechnology (CINT) and Princeton Polymers Laboratories.

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