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PPM Installs 800kW Solar Power Plant on Sierra Aluminum's Roof

Pacific Power Management (PPM), announced today that they have completed the finance, design and installation of an 800 kW power plant for Sierra Aluminum Company under a power purchase agreement (PPA). Pacific Power Management's PPA program allows clients to install a power plant and buy solar power directly from PPM with a long term agreement and no capital investment.

The state-of-the-art system at Sierra Aluminum is comprised of 4,488 Mitsubishi Electric 180 watt modules and 2 SatCon 500 kW inverters. The system performance will be monitored by Pacific Power Management's proprietary web accessible, SolarWatch for real-time production measurement.

Shayne Seever, Vice President of Administration for Sierra Aluminum Company stated, "Sierra Aluminum Company strongly believes in sustainable energy and the responsible use of it. Over the years we have invested in many projects to reduce our energy usage and our impact on the environment. This solar power system is one more example of that commitment. We are especially pleased to be able to almost completely power one of our manufacturing plants with green energy. In fact, aluminum extrusions manufactured locally by Sierra Aluminum are on the roof of this building supporting the solar panels which include extrusions that contain over 40% recycled material."

The cost of the system's installation will be partially offset with $1.7 million in solar rebates from SCE and is expected to generate 1.4 million kWh per year; meeting approximately 60-70 percent of the total energy requirements of Sierra Aluminum's manufacturing plant. The high-performance system will help reduce Sierra's carbon footprint by displacing over 48 million pounds of carbon dioxide and provide enough power to supply 2800 homes over a 25-year period.

Kelly McMahon, Director of Sales for Pacific Power Management said, "It's a very positive sign to see a company like Sierra Aluminum thinking about its impact on the environment and demonstrating its commitment to the planet by using solar energy. There are many companies like Sierra Aluminum throughout the state that will soon be required to lower their carbon emissions due to California's AB32. Solar power is the answer to this issue and Pacific Power Management is working with many other large commercial clients in the state."

With energy costs skyrocketing, the solar installation will help Sierra Aluminum reduce their costs for the primary manufacturing and extrusion facility. When the plant is not operating, the solar system will feed electrical power back into SCE's electrical grid. PPM simplifies the entire process of buying solar power with a long-term Power Purchase Agreement and comprehensive project and facility management. The host customer can buy power at a lower rate than from their utility company, have immediate savings, and the ability to eventually own the system with no upfront cost.

"Our ability to finance these solar power plants enables us to build a steady pipeline of successful projects throughout California. This solidifies our commitment to provide clean energy for many years and to continually build strong relationships with our host customers," said Mark Frederick, Managing Partner for Pacific Power Management.

PPM has recently completed over 3.6 MW within their Power Purchase Agreement program. By summer of 2009, PPM will have nearly 6 MW of completed solar power plants within their PPA portfolio. This will bring PPM's total installed base to over 11MW.

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