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Decorative Concrete Stains Made from Bio-Based Building Materials

Eco Safety Products recently added a new concrete stain using bio-based building materials and technology. The green building and facility maintenance supply distributor is launching ECO ProCote™ Natural Soy Penetrating Concrete Stain, its line of environmentally safe semi-transparent architectural concrete stains made from bio-based soy esters. The product was developed to meet several federally imposed initiatives while outperforming conventional staining products used for porous vertical and horizontal surface applications.

Estimates indicate that the U.S. concrete market has exceeded $100 billion annually. Much of that concrete is being transformed as decorative concrete for easier maintenance and enhanced architectural design appeal on floors, walls and concrete countertops. The tremendous growth in concrete staining has demanded further research and development to improve chemistry, methods, safety and costs of building materials. New environmental regulations for "Green Purchasing" and meeting performance demands from customers created a perfect challenge for Eco Safety Products.

“Finding effective environmentally safe solutions to reduce toxic chemicals is the challenge we set out to find for our customers when selecting our building materials,” states John Bennett, President of Eco Safety Products. “We launched the ECO ProCote™ line because it effectively addresses many of the issues from architects, installers and end-users. Whenever we can effectively balance cost, safety and efficacy, everyone wins.”

The ECO ProCote™ is a bio-based non-toxic, low VOC, low odor permanent concrete stain. It utilizes a proprietary chemical technology that incorporates soy esters and special colorants that create decorative semi-transparent color variations and tones unique to each surface. The product allows penetration and colorization that integrates into porous substrate surfaces enabling designs that can simulate the look of natural stone surfaces. ECO ProCote™ provides an appearance similar to acid staining, but with more consistency and without the toxicity.

Other staining products have entered the market throughout the years. These types of topical coatings are essentially floor paints in solid or semi-transparent formulations. The common problems encountered with these solutions are toxic ingredients, changes to the surface friction and proneness to peeling, cracking, chipping and eventual wear.

“Our product addresses these common problems since it is not a topical coating, but instead a penetrating stain that bonds and integrates with the substrate surface," Bennett says. "Surface friction is unchanged and there is no topical coating to peel, chip or wear."

Earlier versions of soy stains did not have a mechanism for sealing and bonding, which led to a short life span. The ECO ProCote™ formulation allows proper penetration and a sealing process where users won’t have to worry about premature drying or frustrating lap marks associated with these types of staining products.

“ECO ProCote™ Stain is not just a safe and effective alternative -- it actually provides the installer with unlimited design potential by allowing the easy creation of patterns, faux finishing, logos and murals," Bennett says. "Installers also find it an effective compliment to existing acid stained floors to help modify color tones, make repairs, or to add graphics. The performance is outstanding since it penetrates into the substrate similar to what happens with motor oil. You literally have to use special techniques or even abrade the surface to remove the stain once it is cured."

ECO ProCote™ may be used for commercial floors, tilt up concrete, garage floors, walkways, patio’s, block walls, stucco, clay, rammed earth and more. A sealer coat is required to complete the stain installation and provides a penetrating lock-in protective seal. The finish seal coat is available in a satin or gloss finish. The combined penetrating stain and seal formula features better weather protection than conventional coatings and helps protect against marring, stains and efflorescence. The product also promotes industry leading spread rates at 400 – 600 square feet per gallon, making it one of the most cost effective concrete stains on the market.

Eco Safety Products plans to make the ECO ProCote™ Stain and Sealers available through stocking dealers and installation contractors throughout the country. The product is available in 10 standard colors with custom color options through the company warehouse or Web site,

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