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Eco Homes Show Will Help Build Homes for the 21st Century

With the UK Government's code for Sustainable Housing aiming for all new houses built from 2016 onwards to be carbon neutral, house builders and designers have less than eight years to grapple with the technologies that will make this possible. One of the best places to find out what new green building products and services are available and how they can be cost--effectively integrated into building projects will be The Eco Homes Show, part of The National Homebuilding & Renovating Show at the NEC from 10-13 April.

Together with two daily seminars - A beginner's guide to sustainable construction and Solar power, wind power and renewable energy: a guide to ecological heating, plumbing ventilation and micro generation - the show will also devote Friday 11 April to Eco Masterclasses. The Show will feature a wide range of products and services from wood burning stoves, alternative heating systems and solar panels, to rainwater and waste systems, not mention natural paints, skylights, insulation and an impressive range of environmentally friendly products and services.

"Improving domestic energy efficiency will cut fuel bills and reduce carbon emissions. This has to be a good idea whether you are building a brand new home or making your current home more efficient. The Eco Homes Show will offer a practical approach to achieving these goals", said Nick Noble, Show Director.

The Government is offering incentives for would-be self-builders of Carbon Zero homes as those costing up to £500,000 will be exempt from stamp duty.

Currently the Potton 'Lighthouse' (pictured) is one of the few Carbon Zero homes, using biomass boilers, solar thermal panels, and airtight building systems to name but a few. Incredibly the Lighthouse promises annual energy bills of around £30!

According to the Rocky Mountain Institute, a respected environmental think tank, a pound invested in energy efficiency buys seven times more "solution" than a pound invested in nuclear energy. With ever increasing energy bills, adopting a greener approach to energy is imperative both economically and ecologically.

But to achieve truly carbon neutral credentials, homes also need to be built using sustainable materials such as timber or recycled materials - and as much of it as possible should be local to avoid wasting energy transporting it. Never before has building a home for the future required quite so much thought.

To operate a Zero Carbon home and a way of living, occupiers need to be well-informed - making the optimum use of appliances and systems that reduce consumption and generate renewable and alternative forms of energy. A visit to the Eco Homes Show could be the start of this journey.

The National Homebuilding & Renovating Show, including The Eco Homes Show, is at the NEC from 10-13 April 2008. For more information and tickets, visit Tickets are £10 in advance by calling 0870 945 4547 or £14 on the door.

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