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TruStile Doors Leads a Revolution in Green Design

In a housing market struggling to recover from decline, Green builders are experiencing an unprecedented revolution of growth. A leader in the Green building movement, Denver-based TruStile Doors is educating builders, architects and consumers about the impact they are making on sustainability, healthful living and high design in an industry where doors are often overlooked as a Green building component.

"TruStile's MDF doors have been Green since our company started back in 1995," says Vice President of Marketing Chuck Tamblyn. "As a progressive company building a premium brand in the building products space, we made the strategic decision long ago to create design-oriented doors with eco-friendly construction. It's exciting to see so many builders and homeowners joining the Green revolution and realizing the critical role that doors play in renewable, sustainable development."

Susan Davis, a TruStile enthusiast, Green builder and owner of Spectrum Fine Homes in Mountain View, Calif., believes TruStile is at the industry forefront for sustainable building due to the company's variety of customizable, eco-friendly door options. "I love using the TruStile MDF product for interior and exterior doors for many reasons, including its Green options. The doors are built with stile and rail construction, but are still environmentally friendly -- from the recycled MDF content to the low-emitting binders and no-added formaldehyde option," says Davis. "I also love the fact that there are so many standard designs and options to customize."

TruStile recently provided Davis's company with unique exterior and interior door designs for a $500,000 Green-design remodel in Silicon Valley. "Doing the same old, same old gets tiring," says Davis. "With TruStile we can do something unique and different with the exterior, interior, glass and resin options, while maintaining design continuity throughout the home."

As a leading manufacturer of solid MDF doors made with true stile and rail construction, TruStile is certified by SCS (Scientific Certification Systems) for using 82 percent recycled content in their MDF door construction, making them ideal for Green builders seeking LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. "TruStile MDF doors allow Green builders to adhere to sustainable building practices without sacrificing aesthetics or design flexibility," says Jason Mounts, Director of Marketing. "Our signature stile and rail MDF construction delivers an affordable, design-savvy product constructed with premium, eco-friendly materials and finished with superior architectural detailing. And, with our new MDF reclamation process, scrap MDF is ground up and donated to a number of agricultural partners for livestock bedding and other uses."

"People spend thousands of dollars on Green materials like reclaimed bamboo flooring and recycled dimension stone," says Mounts. "But the reality is that doors are found in every room in the home. TruStile eco-friendly doors are a comparatively cost-effective design choice, and have a huge architectural influence on homes and workspaces. Designers are pleased to discover that they don't have to sacrifice style for substance when it comes to our Green product line."

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