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E-Mon's New 'Green Class' Submeters Are Ideal for Green Building Initiatives

E-Mon, the electric submetering market leader and manufacturer of the widely installed E-Mon D-Mon product line, today announced its new "Green Class" E-Mon D-Mon electric submeters. Offering utility-grade metering accuracy, Green Class submeters are a cost-effective way to benchmark and monitor energy usage trends and to estimate CO2 emissions. Green Meters are also ideal for measuring and verifying the on-going effectiveness of LEED, EPACT, Renewable Energy, Demand Response and other major energy-related initiatives that can positively impact the facility bottom line, while also increasing environmental awareness within the using facility.

"We're excited to offer our new Green Class meter to the increasingly energy-conscious commercial building market," said Don Millstein, E-Mon president. "Incorporating almost 30 years of E-Mon engineering expertise in developing and marketing innovative electric submeters, our new Green Meter offers users a product that will quantifiably improve their facility bottom lines and help them to comply with major Green Building initiatives-while also educating their employees and tenants on energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The ultimate goal is that every individual in the building will be aware of the impact of energy waste and be part of the solution to be energy and environmentally efficient."

In addition to complying with several Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPACT) guidelines, E-Mon's Green Class meter can materially help the using facility gain points toward LEED Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council in the areas of: Core & Shell, Existing Buildings, New Construction and Commercial Interiors. Equally suitable for new or retrofit installations, Green Class meters offer a number of important features that provide users with complete facility energy snapshot, including:
  • Scrolling display of kilowatt (kWh) usage on the meter's 8-digit LCD display;
  • kWh in dollars;
  • Current demand load (kW);
  • Cost per hour, based on current load;
  • Estimated CO2 emissions in pounds, based on DOE standards;
  • Estimated hourly CO2 emissions based on current load;
  • Optional net metering, including utility-delivered vs. user-received power and net usage;
  • Certified to ANSI C12.1 & C12.16 national accuracy standards.
E-Mon's unique 0-2V split-core current sensors allow Green Class meters to be quickly and easily installed into the facility's electrical envelope without powering down any loads. Available in a variety of voltage/current/wiring configurations, Green Class meters are compatible with E-Mon EnergyTM meter reading and billing software, and also commercially available building automation systems.

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