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Building Green with Los Angeles: Enterprise and the City Award Grants to Developers

Enterprise awarded four grants of $70,000 to Los Angeles-based affordable housing developers recently as part of Green Communities, a national green affordable housing program led by Enterprise. Green Communities was created three years ago and is a $555 million program that provides financial incentives and technical assistance to affordable housing developers around the country who build smart, environmentally sustainable homes for families with low-incomes.

Los Angeles Council President Eric Garcetti and Councilmember Jan Perry worked with Enterprise to select the awardees through a citywide request for proposals from area developers. A premiere program in Los Angeles, Green Communities is operational in over 20 states and has produced more than 8,000 sustainable homes throughout the nation.

"Enterprise has been in the communities of Los Angeles for over 10 years," says Jeff Schaffer, the Southern California director of Enterprise. "We are proud to work with the city to build affordable green housing that will positively affect the residents of Los Angeles. With funding from partners such as Wells Fargo, Green Communities is the starting point for future public-private ventures."

Enterprise and the city announced the awards at Bronson Court in Hollywood earlier this week. Bronson Court, a Los Angeles Housing Partnership 32-unit affordable housing complex, is also one of the awardees of a Green Communities grant.

"Sustainable living is not a privilege for the wealthy," said Council President Eric Garcetti. "All of Los Angeles wants to go green. Through Green Communities, we are bringing the benefits of green buildings to households of all income levels."

For 25 years Enterprise has dedicated itself to creating sustainable communities in densely populated areas through affordable housing. The average price of a home in Los Angeles is $500,000 and the average rent for a two- bedroom apartment is $1,500. Green Communities addresses high-cost housing obstacles by assisting in the development of green affordable homes with long- term benefits for the residents and the environment.

"Affordable housing and green development are vital parts of building sustainable communities," said Councilmember Jan Perry, chair of the Council's Energy and the Environment committee. "I am excited to be a part of Enterprise's Green Communities work. It is in the interest of all to create models of green affordable housing in the city of Los Angeles."

Each of the following developers received a $70,000 grant:
  • Rittenhouse Limited Partnership - Rittenhouse Square
  • Los Angeles Housing Partnership - Seven Maples
  • Los Angeles Housing Partnership - Bronson Court
  • Enterprise Home Ownership Program - Hyde Park
"This innovative effort will help the city in its pursuit of providing safe and healthy housing and its commitments to environmental protection and taking action on climate change," said Walker Wells, head of the Green Building Program for Global Green USA. "It is exciting to have this opportunity to contribute our green affordable housing expertise in Los Angeles, where we are headquartered."

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