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Minto receives the 2007 Leadership Award for City Livability from the Canadian Urban Institute

MintoUrban Communities is among the recipients of the 2007 Leadership Awards presented by the Canadian Urban Institute. Minto, a real estate development construction and management company dedicated to sustainable development and healthy environments was presented with The City Livability Award. This award honours outstanding individuals and corporations that have made meaningful contributions to the quality of urban life by creating more livable spaces in Toronto.

Minto's winning submission demonstrated leadership in improving city livability by addressing five major urban environmental issues: Natural Resource Conservation; Air Quality; Waste Diversion; Education; and Market Transformation.

Minto continues to set new standards for buildings that are sustainable and energy efficient. In 2005, Minto committed to designing and building all of its' high-rise communities as LEED Canada (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rated buildings. LEED is a third party verification standard for developing high-performance, sustainable buildings. In 2005 Minto's new development Radiance@MintoGardens, located in North York, was the first and is still the only LEED-Canada Silver certified condominium in the country.

"Minto's approach is to put our customers and the environment first. That's why our goal is to build all our future apartments and condominiums to the LEED standard of design and construction," said Alan Greenberg, President, MintoUrban Communities Inc.

"Through healthy-living building practices, LEED buildings provide better air quality and a more comfortable and healthy indoor environment for residents, as well they realize substantial cost savings on their utilities." said Andrew Pride, Vice-President of Minto Energy Management.

Minto has also been selected among the very best in the country to construct an environmentally friendly home as part of the CMHC Equilibrium Housing Initiative. Inspiration The Minto Eco-Home is currently under construction in Manitock, Ontario and will deliver on the goal of the CMHC Initiative to create healthy, energy-efficient housing that produces as much energy as it consumes on a yearly basis.

Minto energy innovations are unique and extensive, reducing overall consumption by over 35% compared to code. The MintoInspired HRV (heat recovery ventilation) delivers fresh, filtered air to each suite and circulates healthy air throughout for improved ventilation and living comfort. The energy saving "All off Switch" turns off all ceiling lights and exhaust fans with the flick of one switch.

Other environmental features in new Minto developments include renewable passive solar energy; rainwater harvesting; low flow showerheads and dual flush toilets; energy efficient appliances; motion sensor controls on common area lighting; compact fluorescent lighting; ease of use of public transit by being located close to the subway line; the installation of multi stream waste systems; green power through renewable energy certificates.

Minto has seen results that are clear and measurable - waste diversion rates exceed 70% due to innovative and convenient multi-stream waste systems, and over 50% less water consumption has been tracked over a typical new building (saving 30,000,000 litres of water annually).

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