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Pemex Oil Invites SSWM to Demonstrate Bio-Raptor Cleanup Technology

Sub-Surface Waste Management of Delaware, announced that its Mexico subsidiary company, Environmental Tec International (ETI), has been invited by top officials of Pemex, the Mexico federal oil company, to demonstrate the patented Bio-Raptor environmental cleanup technology at one or more oil drilling/pipeline sites in southeast Mexico as a prelude to its possible use throughout Pemex facilities in Mexico.

The Bio-Raptor patented technology is registered as an approved cleanup technology in Mexico with SEMARNAT, a Federal regulatory agency, and has been used previously on a $1.5MM project in Torreon. The ex situ, above-ground technology treats up to 500 cubic yards/hour of soil contaminated with hydrocarbons such as oil and diesel found at drilling sites and pipeline spills.

Pemex has experienced many pipeline spills after 15 years of reduced maintenance of Pemex facilities and pipelines, some of which are 40 years old, because high taxes don't allow the company to keep enough of its own profit for investment. The company recently spent $1.5 billion to maintain oil pipelines and has shut down or reduced the use of 7 pipelines considered to be at risk in the southern states of Tabasco and Veracruz. Mexico City-based Pemex plans to double annual spending on maintenance to $3 billion for the next three years using approved cleanup technology like the Bio-Raptor.

Bruce Beattie, CEO of SSWM stated, "We are very excited to demonstrate our rapid cleanup technology to Pemex and are actively working with them to select one or more appropriate sites of concern. Their commitment to invest significantly in the remediation of existing facilities means we have many projects to choose from and a large backlog of potential future work. The Bio-Raptor technology has shown to be very successful in our Torreon project as is especially well suited for their cleanup projects."

Beattie continued, "The Bio-Raptor is also the backbone technology for our Emergency Response Centers (ERC) currently under consideration by the Governor of Veracruz. Under the proposal, ETI would setup eleven ERCs throughout the state and then operate them under a five year contract for standby and callout services with the capital and operating costs paid by the state and reimbursed by Pemex for its pipeline releases from new spills as well as the treatment of a large backlog of historic problems needing remediation. To start these projects we brought $33MM capital financing for the ERCs to the table and are currently sourcing the operating agreement financing. This demonstration project expands our relationship with Pemex and opens the doors for the future implementation of the ERCs in Veracruz and other states which have also shown interest in cleaning up their environment and creating jobs in a new industry at the same time."

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