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OfficeMax Enhances Environmental Position With Paper Procurement Policy

OfficeMax today introduced its paper procurement policy, enhancing the company's current environmental policy by setting direct product expectations and business relationship expectations for paper product suppliers. The OfficeMax paper procurement policy defines performance criteria for its product suppliers in the selection of raw materials and production of paper products and will guide the company's actions in support of its commitment to environmental sustainability. OfficeMax developed the policy through a consultative process that included viewpoints from OfficeMax associates, customers, suppliers and environmental organizations who share our interests in the environmental impacts of paper production.

"We are proud of the progress we made in creating this paper procurement policy," said Ryan Vero, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer for OfficeMax. "The inclusion of outside parties brought diverse viewpoints and perspectives that ultimately delivered a balanced and realistic policy that achieved our common goals."

Among the policy's stated expectations for product suppliers are the tracking of raw materials used in the making of paper products, elimination of products from endangered areas and discontinuation of converting natural forests to industrial tree plantations.

Through its paper procurement policy, OfficeMax commits to creating systems to ensure our suppliers are meeting stated expectations. "This paper procurement policy provides meaningful incentive for our suppliers of paper products to carefully consider environmental sensitivities. We will continue to work with these stakeholders to implement our commitments and achieve our important goals," said Vero.

OfficeMax has notified its suppliers about areas of concern to two environmental groups; the Cumberland Plateau, specifically identified by Dogwood Alliance, and First Nations' concerns about the impact of fiber originating from Canadian forests, an issue specifically identified by ForestEthics. OfficeMax will continue to urge its suppliers to resolve these matters through their supply chains.

Ongoing progress achieved through the active implementation of the OfficeMax environmental policy and paper procurement policy will be presented in the company's annual Environmental Report.

OfficeMax promotes environmentally responsible behavior to its customers and associates through various programs and activities. OfficeMax was the first office product retailer to provide an ink cartridge refill service, allowing retail customers to reuse printer ink cartridges instead of discarding them and, thus, reducing landfill content.

Through a long-term ink cartridge recycling incentive program, OfficeMax provided more than 500,000 reams of recycled content paper to customers. Today, OfficeMax offers a $3 gift card for each printer ink cartridge turned in for recycling, allowing customers greater purchase flexibility.

OfficeMax has committed to identifying and supporting recycled-content paper and paper products with a target of 30% average post-consumer fiber content. Among its current selection of environmentally preferable products, OfficeMax offers recycled content paper at all retail outlets, including the first nationally distributed 100% post-consumer paper, and also promotes use of recycled content paper within the company's own operations. OfficeMax ImPress, providing print and document production services to all OfficeMax customers, also uses recycled content paper.

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