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'Green Mobile' Service to Raise Environmental Awareness and Generate income for 'Green' Charities

Green Mobile, the first environmentally-friendly mobile phone package, has been launched in the UK to help 'green' charities raise money and heighten awareness of environmental problems associated with the disposal of handsets. One billion mobiles are manufactured globally each year with only 15% being recycled. Green Mobile customers are asked to keep their mobile for just one more year as a way of reducing harmful environmental impact.

The first two charities to benefit will be Friends of the Earth and The Woodland Trust. Green Mobile will donate £25 immediately and then 6% of the monthly bill directly to either charity chosen by the customer. Other green charities will be encouraged to participate in future.

The service is operated by Resource Utilities, a company that provides charities with low-cost phone services. Founder and managing director Adrian Potter, 40, says "You hear a lot about how we need to protect the environment and save the planet. Green Mobile will enable people to do something positive and save money at the same time. Our slogan is 'Save money and save the planet'."

Says Adrian "Our call charges are genuinely low; customers also receive a £25 cashback and keep their existing mobile number. We ask customers to keep their current mobile phone for one more year and in return we donate to green charities. It's a double whammy that we hope will make a real contribution to helping the environment."

Friends of the Earth spokesman said "More and more people are waking up to the links between their daily lives and the environment. We all have the power to make a difference - to tackle climate change, protect wildlife and benefit the environment. Avoid adding to landfill and recycle your old mobile phone."

Sue Holden, chief executive of the Woodland Trust, said: "Just by switching to Green Mobile you'll have planted six trees, and then you'll continue to 'give as you go' at no extra cost to you! This is a fantastic way to fund our work of planting trees and protecting woodlands, and keeping your phone out of landfill. Why not put a tree in the ground, and not your mobile?"

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