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Government Chooses UK Technology Solution for Environmental Drinking Water

Major government buildings are being equipped with a system that filters tap water to produce the best quality drinking water possible with the minimal environmental impact. The technology was developed and patented by EcoPure Waters Limited (previously Classic Crystal Limited), based at Haddenham in Buckinghamshire.

According to marketing director of the company, Roger Haywood, the environmental contribution of the system is very significant and was the major reason that these government offices stopped buying bottled water and turned to filtered tap water, delivered to staff and visitors in glass bottles that are constantly recycled. "This is the best tasting table water yet with an environmental performance that is as close to tap water that is possible. It has no chlorine taste and is delivered to water drinkers, chilled and in attractive convenient bottles."

The major difference with these bottles, according to Haywood, is that they are washed and recycled countless times rather than the 87% those 6 billion branded bottled waters we drink each year as a nation, which are sent to landfill to take hundreds of years to break down. "The system also eliminates the massive environmental damage caused by the bottling, packing and distribution of bottled waters, let alone the unnecessary traffic congestion caused by thousands of lorries delivering these and collecting the empties for waste," Haywood adds. A system can be installed in every size of organisation including major offices under the government contract and even smaller offices, pubs, restaurants and cafes. Prices for the system start at a few thousand pounds which is normally recovered within months from the up to 80% saving that users can make over bought-in branded bottled water.

It is not yet economic for household use, he explains but we have a system for development for this market as well as one for emergency relief applications where pure water can be vital to life.

The technology was developed in the UK by engineer, John Braithwaite, currently managing director of the Buckinghamshire company. Much of the technology is exclusive to EcoPure and is patented. It is the only system on the market that uses an ultra sophisticated six-stage filtration process that can even remove contaminants that the national mains water system cannot eradicate, such as cryptosporidium. EcoPure Waters Limited is chaired by Harry Hemens, previously managing director of a Cadbury Schweppes softdrinks subsidiary and of the Geest Food Group. It is a private UK registered company.

System customers Include The Ritz, Radisson Edwardian and other hotel groups, Strada restaurants, The Royal Society of Medicine, Chatsworth House, colleges at Oxford University, Haydock racecourse, The Cavalry and Guards Club plus many five star resorts around the world.

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