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Sun Microsystems Continues Global Commitment to Eco Responsible Computing

Reiterating its commitment to sustainable computing, Sun Microsystems, a global technology leader and creator of the Solaris Operating System, today showcased its progress in lowering the environmental impact of information-intensive companies. Employing a three-pronged approach of "Innovate, Act and Share," Sun's eco responsible products and business processes are helping Sun and its customers reduce their environmental impact by lowering energy and waste from IT while enabling significant savings in other areas of operations. Sun's innovations over the past year are driving positive environmental change, helping evolve the technology landscape for customers.

"Through our eco-friendly products, workplace and eWaste initiatives, Sun has a truly unique and comprehensive value proposition for our customers," said David Douglas, vice president of eco responsibility, Sun Microsystems. "Sun's products today are consuming less energy, generating less waste, and enabling new, eco responsible business practices. These innovations are changing the conversation with our customers by showing that eco responsibility can benefit the bottom line as well as the earth we share. We are working together with customers around the world to help reduce datacenter and desktop energy consumption without sacrificing performance or business results."

A recent IDC report notes that in 2005, $26.1 billion was spent to power and cool the worldwide installed base of servers, more than double the cost from 10 years ago. The report continues that over the next five years, the expense to power and cool the worldwide installed base of servers is projected to grow four times compared with the growth rate for new server spending(1).

Eco Equals Ecology and Economy

One year after Sun outlined its sustainable growth initiatives at Sun's Summit on 21st Century Eco-Responsibility, the company's progress and results have confirmed that environmental and economic advances can go hand in hand.

Break Out Innovation That Redefines the Datacenter and the Desktop

Sun's eco responsible systems, including Sun Ray(TM) clients and virtualization technologies, are designed to reduce energy needs and CO2 production at all levels, delivering a carbon neutral or a sustainable computing infrastructure. Sun Ray Thin Clients offer an alternative to power hungry desktop and laptop computers and help reduce the maintenance, upgrading, and operational costs associated with most PC client environments, reducing power consumption by nearly 9X and raw materials usage by 150X.

In December 2005, Sun announced the release of the industry's first eco responsible server, the Sun Fire(TM) T1000 and T2000 servers, featuring patented CoolThreads(TM) technology, which boast the highest throughput processor in its class. Drawing about as much power as a household light bulb, its 32 simultaneous processing threads deliver the best performance per watt of any processor available. While conserving energy, these systems do not compromise on performance, setting 13 world records since launch and outperforming competitors systems by up to 3X(2) while occupying only 33 percent of the power and space.

Continuing its reputation around innovation, Sun recently announced Project Blackbox, the world's first virtualized datacenter that packages compute storage and network infrastructure along with high efficiency power and cooling in ready-to-go scalable modular units based on standard shipping containers for maximum flexibility. Compared to a 10,000-sq.-foot datacenter, Project Blackbox expects to be 1/100th the initial cost, 1/5 the cost per sq. foot, 20 percent more efficient and deliver 3X the computing power for equivalent space.

Sun Announces First-of-its-Kind Energy Rebate With PG&E

Space, power, cooling and budget are the growing constraints for every datacenter. In August of this year, Sun announced a first-of-its-kind energy rebate for its Sun Fire T1000 and T2000 servers with California utility PG&E. As part of PG&E's Non Residential Retrofit program, customers replacing existing equipment with these eco responsible servers can receive a cash savings between $700-$1000 per server or up to 35 percent when combined with the Sun Upgrade Advantage Program(3). This is the first time a public utility company has offered a rebate for server upgrades, helping customers move to more efficient technology and easing their datacenter constraints.

Sun Recognized Among Best Workplaces for Commuters

For the third year in a row, Sun is among the top 10 FORTUNE 500 companies that lead the country by providing outstanding commuter benefits to a significant portion of its U.S. workforce to help decrease air pollution, traffic congestion and dependence on fossil fuels. As named by the EPA and Department of Transportation Sun tops the 2006 rankings as the number one company in the Computer and Office Equipment industry. As part of its efforts, Sun provides an array of benefits that help employees pursue environmentally friendly and cost-effective commuting strategies. Sun's commute programs, including the Sun(SM) Open Work Practice service, a flexible work program for its mobile and distributed workforce have eliminated more than 30,000 tons of CO2 emissions and have saved employees hundreds of thousands of hours that otherwise would have been wasted in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

eWaste Program Leadership

In response to the rise of eWaste and legislation such as the European Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive, Sun has instituted a global product takeback program. While WEEE targets that no more than 35 percent of a company's products should go in landfill, Sun has gone well beyond by having less than five percent of its products from its takeback program enter the waste stream.

Innovate, Act, Share

Sun's eco responsibility commitments are guided by the following principles: Innovate, Act and Share. Sun innovates by making products and services that are both good for the environment and good for business. Sun acts by operating in an open, eco-conscious way on a day-to-day basis. And finally, Sun shares by making information and technology available to others so that we can all move forward and participate in an increasingly sustainable way. Sun is an active member of EPA's Climate Leaders and has committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions from US operations by 20 percent over 2002 levels by the year 2012.

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