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Sundance Channel Green to Launch on Sundance Channel in Early 2007

Sundance founder, Robert Redford announced today that Sundance Channel will launch SUNDANCE CHANNEL GREEN, a weekly primetime destination block focusing on environmental topics, in early 2007. Consisting of three hours of hosted programming, SUNDANCE CHANNEL GREEN will present original series and documentary premieres about the earth's ecology and concepts of "green" living that balance human needs with responsible environmental stewardship. With SUNDANCE CHANNEL GREEN, Sundance Channel becomes the first television network in the United States to establish a significant, regularly-scheduled programming destination dedicated entirely to the environment.

Said Redford, one of the country's leading environmental activists and the founder of Sundance Channel: "Once in awhile forces converge and affect social change. For some, this can be unsettling, for others, a time for optimism and new opportunity. For Sundance Channel, this is one of those times. SUNDANCE CHANNEL GREEN is a new initiative and a chance to play some part in making a difference in the world."

In addition to Redford, a number of public figures have expressed their support for the establishment of SUNDANCE CHANNEL GREEN, including Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Senior Attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and President of the Waterkeeper Alliance, actor Leonardo DiCaprio, member of the NRDC Board of Directors and widely acknowledged environmental advocate, and actress Cameron Diaz, a leading environmental activist of her generation.

"The issue of environmental sustainability is gaining tremendous traction in the marketplace," said David Refkin, Director of Sustainable Development for Time Inc. "As consumers begin to weigh the environmental impact of the decisions they make in daily life, they will look for proven, credible sources of information to guide their decision-making. It is essential that consumers have that resource available on the TV dial and now, Sundance Channel will fill that need."

Roger Keating, President of Time Warner Cable's Los Angeles Division said, "This is the right time for this idea. Time Warner Cable L.A. looks forward to the arrival of SUNDANCE CHANNEL GREEN.

Dan Hartman, VP Programming, DirecTV Inc. said, "Documentaries like Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth powerfully demonstrate the relevance of, and demand for, so-called green programming."

SUNDANCE CHANNEL GREEN reflects a current tipping point in the public's growing awareness of ecological issues and the trend towards environmentally sustainable approaches to modern living. The destination is designed to be both informative and entertaining, with an emphasis on information, practical advice and community building. SUNDANCE CHANNEL GREEN will feature a number of high-profile hosts, each of whom will serve as a knowledgeable guide to the evening's line-up, and the world of "green" in general.

SUNDANCE CHANNEL GREEN will consist of the following program elements:
  • Original Series: Change Agents: a high energy, story and character-driven documentary series about the people and projects that are on the front lines of environmental sustainability and innovation.
  • Interstitial Series: Sundance Channel will launch several interstitial series that will highlight a range of environmental issues and offer viewers innovative suggestions to effect change in their own lives.
  • Documentaries: The block will feature compelling feature-length documentary premieres and news specials on environmental subjects.
SUNDANCE CHANNEL GREEN will further extend to the Channel's website, through a portal, called ECO-MMUNITY. This initiative will seek to foster the growth of a robust online community by providing a unique forum for eco-minded consumers, companies and organizations to interact, share ideas and, create initiatives for change.

Plans are also underway to make SUNDANCE CHANNEL GREEN programming available via digital platforms such as video-on-demand, online, download-to-own and wireless. Specific "green"-related content will also be produced and acquired for these platforms, including short films, behind-the-scenes or "making of" footage, and exclusive "extended" footage.

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