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Solar Develops a Unique Three-Front Approach to Eco-Investing for Planetary Survival

Solar Energy Limited announces that it has crafted a unique suite of subsidiary ventures to address the primary environmental crises facing our planet today. By harnessing complementary aspects of the sun's power, Solar is preparing to symmetrically alleviate the marine and atmospheric CO2 overload with both demand-side and supply-side solutions.

On the demand side of CO2 abatement, Solar's ocean restoration firm, Planktos, Inc., and Planktos' terrestrial forestry partner, Klimafa, Inc., are preparing to supply the biosphere and carbon trading world with a complementary pair of proven biological techniques that both reduce harmful CO2 in the atmosphere and translate those reductions into premium tradable value in the carbon markets of the world.

Planktos' nature-mimicking technology to restore the ocean's depleted plankton populations to 1980 levels of health and photosynthesis can reduce atmospheric CO2 by literally billions of tons each year and generate an equivalent volume of tradable/saleable "carbon credits." To raise public awareness of plankton regeneration's vital importance to ocean health and climate healing, Planktos is donating carbon offsets to significant environmental events and gatherings to make them "emission free." On June 2, 2006, Planktos contributed enough carbon offsets to the Northern California premier of "An Inconvenient Truth," Al Gore's dramatic global warming wakeup call, to make the entire event appropriately "carbon neutral" and at the same time alert the overflow audiences to the dangerous plight of the sea.

Planktos' sister carbon forestry venture, Budapest-based Klimafa, Inc., is now collaborating with Hungary's federal government, National Park Service, and Academy of Sciences to create Europe's first "National Climate Parks" that will generate permanent reserves of mixed-growth indigenous woodlands combined with millions of tons of negotiable carbon reductions. This innovative "climate park" approach to carbon forestry will also revitalize local watersheds, ecosystems, and economies all across Hungary and the rest of Central Europe. The "climate park" concept's unique array of environmental and financial virtues made Klimafa's debut at the 2006 Cologne Carbon Expo the talk of the trading floor and catalyzed ongoing conversations with several of Europe's largest carbon trading funds. Klimafa has already begun its planting surveys and nursery preparation in and around Hungary's renowned Bukk National Park. Klimafa will also soon be surveying and launching additional 10,000-hectare carbon forest plantings to be incorporated into other well-protected national parkland reserves.

Although Planktos' and Klimafa's bio-sequestration approaches to CO2 reduction are both powerful and benign, the climate change "final solution" will require entirely new non-polluting energy sources. Solar is progressing toward one such source with its supply-side approach to the alleviation of the CO2 overload. Solar's solid-state fusion development firm, D2Fusion, Inc., has just completed installation of helium isotope mass spectroscopy and beta emission analysis gear in its twinned engineering labs in Los Alamos, New Mexico, and Foster City, California. According to D2Fusion CEO Russ George, "D2Fusion is hard at work designing and testing components for solid-state fusion heat modules that will exploit a low temperature analog of the sun's fusion power that is both inexpensive and non-radioactive. Thanks to these new state-of-the-art detection devices, we now enjoy unparalleled in-house analytic capabilities for our own prototype development, but we would also like to share these facilities with other collegial researchers who are working to advance this critical field on behalf of our energy-hungry and CO2-poisoned world."

Solar continues to finance the operation of its subsidiaries by raising funds through private equity placements. During the past two months Solar has received over $800,000 through an arranged equity financing of up to $2,000,000.

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