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'The BIG Recycle' 2006: Why Buying Recycled Products is key to Recycling

During 'The BIG recycle' week, if every household in the UK purchased a 4-pack of Nouvelle toilet tissue, the waste paper used to make the product would replace the equivalent of 170,000 trees worth of virgin pulp. If those trees were planted, they would cover an area the equivalent size of 265 football pitches

Based on the number of households in each area listed below, this equates to the following figures:
  • Manchester 7,761 trees worth of virgin pulp/11.5 Old Trafford pitches
  • Merseyside 4,093 trees worth of virgin pulp in a week / 6 Anfield pitches
  • Birmingham 2,851 trees worth of virgin pulp in a week / 4.5 St Andrews pitches
  • Leeds 2,202 trees worth of virgin pulp in a week / 3.5 Elland Road pitches
  • Sheffield 1,609 trees worth of virgin pulp in a week / 2.5 Bramall Lane pitches
  • Bristol 1,250 trees worth of virgin pulp in a week / 2 Memorial Stadium pitches
  • Newcastle 751 trees worth of virgin pulp in a week / equivalent to one St James Park's pitch
Recycled toilet tissue brand Nouvelle is supporting 'the BIG Recycle' week (5-9th June 2006), to help raise awareness of the importance of recycled products as a key component of the recycling process. 'the BIG recycle', is organised by WRAP, (the Waste & Resources Action Programme), a UK programme established to promote resource efficiency in partnership with the leading materials reprocessing organisations.

As an official supporter, Nouvelle has launched a new website to inform consumers about the importance of buying recycled products. It explains the contribution recycled toilet tissue makes to the environment; by using waste that could otherwise go to landfill.

Christine Clarke, Marketing Director for Georgia-Pacific (GB) which owns the Nouvelle brand commented: "We launched the site to help consumers understand how buying recycled products makes a positive impact on the environment.

"For example, because Nouvelle is made from waste paper rather than virgin pulp; during 'the BIG recycle' week, if the UK's 24.7 million households all bought a 4-pack of Nouvelle toilet tissue:
  • The waste paper used to make Nouvelle would replace the equivalent of 170,000 trees worth of virgin pulp
  • If those trees were planted as woodland, they would cover an area the equivalent size of 265 football pitches
  • In a month, at that rate of sale, Nouvelle would convert into recycled toilet tissue enough waste paper to fill the Albert Hall
"Our message is that consumers can make a valid contribution to the environment and the recycling infrastructure by purchasing recycled products."

On sale since 1989, Nouvelle is one of the UK's most established recycled brands and is the only 100% recycled UK toilet tissue brand recommended by the WWF.

The company sells 168 million rolls a year, enough to wrap round the world 117 times. The waste paper used to create Nouvelle replaces 289,000 trees worth of virgin pulp in a year, or 792 trees worth a day. All Nouvelle toilet tissue is made from waste paper sourced 100% from the UK commercial sector, for example paper trimmings from commercial printing operations or office waste.

Jennie Price, Chief Executive Officer of WRAP said: "This campaign is a great opportunity to remind people just how easy it is to recycle. Nine out of ten of us are able to recycle on our doorstep. What's more, we now have a measure of the positive contribution that recycling can make to tackling climate change - equivalent to taking a staggering 3.5 million cars off the road - so it's a simple way in which everyone can make a difference."

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