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Al Gore and Other Prominent Business and Politicians to Launch the Alliance for Climate Protection

Green Energy Resources leads US drive for green house gas reductions with clean coal solutions and new software technology.

After almost nine months of planning and fund raising, the Alliance for Climate Protection is now nearly ready to begin its marketing campaign throughout the world on the problem of global warming and the solutions that include green energy. Alliance board members said they have the advantage of leveraging online media including blogging, e-video and viral marketing to launch a sophisticated online advertising campaign.

In the meantime, former Vice President Gore's documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" is scheduled to open in theatres throughout the country on May 24, 2006. According to the Alliance's Website (, the goals are:

- Motivate a critical mass of the public and influential constituencies to demand strong and just action to cut U.S. emissions and to make solving global warming a national political imperative.

- Implement solutions to global warming that cap and cut U.S. global warming pollution emissions in the near term, setting a framework and trajectory to reduce emissions by more than half by mid-century.

- Develop a political consensus for further international agreements that includes full participation by developing economies in achieving emission reduction targets.

Green Energy Resources is a leading provider of wood biomass for renewable energy. The Company recently announced a 1 year deal to sell 200,000 tons of wood biomass to Europe for renewable energy power generation. Green Energy's Chief Executive Officer Joseph Murray has been a leading proponent of green energy, including wood biomass, for the last decade. The company has also recently developed a new software system called UTCS, now ready for distribution. The urban tree certification system, (UTCS) enables local government in tracking, managing and selling wood biomass. The software is aimed at reducing and trading in greenhouse gas emissions.

Mr. Murray commented, "It is with great anticipation and excitement that I am able to comment about this Alliance led by people such as the former Vice President and the former National Security Advisor. As one of the industry's leading providers of green energy from renewable sources such as wood chips, we welcome this new initiative against the global warming crisis."

Mr. Murray continued, "We see this as one of the most important steps that the United States, and the world, can take in the struggle for a cleaner environment. I have no doubt this Alliance will help publicize solutions to the global warming process, such as the use of wood chips for renewable energy. Our recently announced collaborations with local municipalities and in Europe should confirm our status as a viable global solution."

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