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Spinwave Systems Joins Climate Savers Computing Initiative

Spinwave Systems, Inc, a leading developer of wireless sensors and controls for energy management and building automation, has joined the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing computer power consumption by 50 percent by 2010. Working with the initiative, Spinwave and other companies in the vanguard of IT energy conservation are working to increase use of energy-efficient IT hardware, as well as awareness and use of computer power management.

Spinwave provides a variety of energy management products to the commercial building automation market. Their wireless sensors and controls are installed in schools, offices, hotels, industrial facilities, government buildings, retail space, and apartment buildings to help monitor and reduce the energy consumption of heating, cooling, and lighting systems. Their wireless temperature and humidity sensors play a pivotal role in maintaining server room environments.

"Given Spinwave's commitment to reducing energy usage and carbon emissions, further reducing our own carbon footprint is a logical step. By joining the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, we're increasing our commitment to combating climate change through efficient use of energy resources," says Rainer Wischinski, Spinwave's Vice President of Marketing.

"Spinwave is making a meaningful commitment to CO2 reduction by joining the Climate Savers Computing Initiative and committing to energy efficient technology and practices," said Bill Weihl, Google's representative to the Climate Savers Computing Initiative's Board of Directors. "We are pleased to have Spinwave join our efforts to reduce the energy consumption of IT equipment."

Spinwave is stepping up their longtime commitment to energy efficiency by striving to ensure that their IT systems comply with the standards set by the initiative. They will increase their efforts to curtail the company's IT energy usage by using power management capabilities on all PCs. Placing computers in sleep or hibernation mode when not in use can lead to substantial energy savings. In addition, Spinwave is pledged to purchase increasingly efficient IT equipment, and raise awareness of the impact that IT energy usage has on global climate change.

Using power management capabilities can reduce a PC's energy consumption by up to 60 percent. When used in conjunction with other efforts to reduce energy consumption, such as purchasing high-efficiency equipment, PC energy management can make a substantial dent in a company's carbon footprint. By 2010, the Climate Savers Computing Initiative seeks to reduce global CO2 emissions by 54 million tons per year, leading to a collective savings of $5.5 billion in energy costs.

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