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Accellion Announces Eco-Friendly Digital Delivery

Accellion, Inc today introduced a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional shipping. The Accellion Green Digital Logistics Solution enables corporations to eliminate the traditional costs, time delays, security issues, and environmental concerns associated with physical delivery. Accellion Green provides corporate users with digital delivery at digital speeds, reduced costs and reduced CO2 emissions.

"If you can make it digital, you can ship it via Accellion Green," said Yorgen Edholm, president and CEO of Accellion. "Accellion Green is a shipping solution that uses no trucks or airplanes and it dumps no CO2 in the stratosphere far away from any carbon sink. An Accellion Green delivery takes seconds or minutes compared to overnight, our tracking is second to none, and we will never add fuel surcharges."

Accellion Green

Elimination of courier and overnight shipping services generates considerable corporate savings, both financial as well as environmental through lower CO2 emissions. The Accellion Green Digital Logistics solution continuously tracks the digital delivery of information and the related pounds of CO2 saved. The information is displayed via a corporate dashboard to alert users to the positive impact they are having on the environment by simply choosing to send information through Accellion Green instead of a traditional physical delivery service.

Accellion Green is an extension of Accellion's secure file transfer technology. Recipients of an Accellion Green delivery receive an email containing a secure Green link which they click to download the digital information. All digital information sent via Accellion Green is tracked and secured, providing organizations with an audit trail for the transfer of all digital files. It also offers the same ease of use as email, which ensures high adoption rates.

Accellion Green is the latest solution offering from Accellion and is specifically designed for organizations that currently use traditional overnight courier vendors to ship time-sensitive information. Accellion Green offers digital delivery at digital speeds, at a fraction of the cost of traditional overnight courier services without the security concerns of lost disks and lost packages.

In addition Accellion also offers Accellion Blue, an FTP replacement solution and Accellion Gold, an IT solution that addresses email bandwidth and storage issues created by large email file attachments. Accellion solutions are already deployed at over 400 organizations worldwide including leading companies such as P&G, Ogilvy, Bridgestone, Qualcomm, and Activision. All Accellion solutions are by nature Green. However, Accellion Green is specifically designed for those organizations who want to track their environmental savings in real-time.

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