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Dell Simplifies Recycling For Small Businesses

Dell is extending its commitment to small businesses with a new online product recovery and recycling service enabling business customers with fewer than 10 pieces of computer equipment to easily manage, return and track unwanted assets.

Starting at $25 per item, the service enhances Dell's suite of small business services to provide a seamless customer experience from product purchase and set-up through end of life.

"Small business owners are increasingly concerned about safeguarding their data, yet too few take advantage of simple, affordable and efficient asset recovery services" said Doug Hillary, director, Business Solutions Group, Global Services at Dell. "When it's time to return or recycle unwanted computer equipment, it's critical that businesses turn to a trusted provider to guarantee a secure, easy-to-use and environmentally-responsible process"

Beginning today, Dell small business customers in the U.S. can contact their sales representative to request a personal asset recovery number for use in returning unwanted equipment through the new online process. In addition to simplifying management and tracking, Dell provides a comprehensive report of how a functional system's data was cleansed1 and how the system was recycled. Customers also have the option of ordering packaging and can monitor the status of their equipment throughout the shipping process.

"We think this is a great example of program innovation meeting environmental leadership" said Kate Krebs, executive director of the National Recycling Coalition. "By simplifying the process for small businesses, Dell is helping to fill what for many years has been a missing link in responsible asset recovery"

Simplifying IT for Small Businesses

In July, Dell announced a new brand of notebook and desktop computers designed for small businesses with 1 to 25 employees and no dedicated IT staff. Vostro products feature no trialware and simple-to-use tools that address top-of-mind problems such as data back-up, PC performance and health, and specialized networking support. Dell's new asset recovery service is designed with the same customer set in mind to help simplify the issues they face when deciding what to do with computer and related equipment that has reached its end-of-life.

Despite businesses' concerns about data security, regulatory requirements and environmental stewardship, a recent IDC survey commissioned by Dell found that small companies are far less likely to use IT disposal services compared with medium- and large-size companies. An estimated 11 percent of companies with fewer than 100 employees intend to use an IT disposal service, compared with 65 percent of companies with 10,000 or more employees, the survey found.2

By providing simple and affordable asset recovery options, Dell is enabling small business customers to become part of The ReGeneration, people of all ages who care about the environment.

Product Recovery and Recycling

Dell recovered 35.6 million kilograms (approximately 78 million pounds) of unwanted computer equipment for reuse or recycling from customers in 2006, a 93 percent increase over 2005 and 12.4 percent of the equipment it sold seven years earlier, more than any other manufacturer that reports progress by past sales weight. As a result of its global consumer and business awareness program, the company is ahead of schedule to achieve a multi-year goal of recovering 125 million kilograms (about 275 million pounds) of unwanted equipment by 2009.

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