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Verdiem Transforms Green Technology with Three Key Breakthroughs

Verdiem Corporation today announced a new offering with HP that will transform green technology by providing business PC users with first-of-a-kind solutions and networks designed to enhance and accelerate energy efficiency at the enterprise level.

The agreement brings together Verdiem's SURVEYOR enterprise PC network power-management solution -- which is currently maximizing energy efficiency for hundreds of public- and private-sector entities -- with the performance, reliability and environmentally conscious design of HP business desktop PCs.

"Verdiem believes the Internet revolution shouldn't get in the way of our increasingly sustainable society," said Kevin Klustner, Verdiem's CEO. "Our relationship with HP shows that the innovative technology minds that developed the digital world are now helping to take care of our world."

"HP business desktops optimized with Verdiem power management software will help IT departments take their environmental efforts to the next level," said Kevin Frost, vice president, HP. "We are helping customers reduce energy consumption by combining some of the most energy-efficient PCs available for businesses today with software that can help save energy and cut operating costs."

Changing the Way Green PCs Are Used in the Workplace

Verdiem's relationship with HP delivers three key environmental breakthroughs that will change the way PCs are perceived and used in the enterprise marketplace:
  • A unique, joint hardware and software solution to drive energy efficiency inside the enterprise. By pre-installing Verdiem's customized SURVEYOR client software applet on its new PCs, HP will enable PC networks to measure, manage and reduce the amount of energy they consume. The HP Compaq dc7800 and dc5700 business desktop series include 80 percent efficient power supplies standard, as well as optional low-power processors and chipsets.
  • The ability for IT to easily manage the power consumption of their PCs from the convenience and security of the datacenter. With the click of an icon button, HP business desktop users can harness Verdiem's SURVEYOR and regulate the amount of energy their PC is consuming. The icon will also help educate users about the systems' environmental features and inform IT managers about the benefits of remote power management and the potential energy savings that Verdiem's and HP's combined offering provides.
  • Provides an end-to-end PC network power-management ecosystem. From the customized SURVEYOR applet, HP business desktop users will be able to access the Verdiem-built calculator on the HP web site that will tell them how energy efficient their PC is as well as their energy-efficiency savings and whether they've made good environmental choices.
HP recently set a goal of reducing its global energy use by 20 percent by 2010. The company plans to achieve this objective by delivering energy-efficient products and services such as Verdiem's SURVEYOR software to customers and instituting energy-efficient practices at worldwide facilities.

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