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PowerMaster Uses New Technology to Remediate Landfills, Recycle Waste, and Convert Waste to Energy

PowerMaster today announced the launch of its patented ReCyclone technology, which reduces waste in landfills, turns waste into energy, and recycles waste products. The ReCyclone is an eco-friendly gyroscopic grinder that can be programmed to process everything from large pieces of concrete to regular household garbage. The ReCyclone cuts the amount of waste going into landfills by half, eliminates the need for fill dirt, and can extend the lifespan of landfills by up to seven-fold.

"The world is running out of landfill space -- many states and even some countries now have to export their garbage because they don't have any place to put it," said Lila York, President of PowerMaster. "And with millions of tons of waste generated daily, the problem is only going to get worse. At PowerMaster, we're committed to doing something about that and cleaning up the planet. Our ReCyclone technology turns garbage into fuel, fertilizer, compost, and recyclable materials. The waste that can't be recycled is processed into dry fluff that takes up far less landfill space."

By eliminating almost all of the moisture from waste, the ReCyclone reduces bacteria and landfill odors, preventing disease-ridden animal vectors. In addition, processing the waste into dry material reduces the moisture in landfills and groundwater leaching. The ReCyclone also has the ability to convert waste into small fuel pellets which burn better than coal, as well as grind up corn and corn stalks to be used for ethanol. The ReCyclone can be custom programmed for all types of waste and is adjustable for any output size.

"There's really no other machine like it," added Paul Cole, Director of Special Projects of PowerMaster. "Our product is half the price of other machines, one-tenth the maintenance cost, has virtually no downtime and when something gets in it that shouldn't be there, it doesn't blow up like other machines do. In fact, the ReCyclone is the safest machine on the market today. Once people realize how much it reduces both waste and costs, we expect to see a huge market demand."

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