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IKEA is 300th Partner to Join RecycleBank Recycling Rewards Program

RecycleBank, a rewards program that motivates people to recycle, announced today that IKEA is the 300th partner in its mission to encourage communities and households to recycle. RecycleBank and IKEA will be partnering to allow households to redeem their RecycleBank reward dollars in locations across Southeast Pennsylvania.

RecycleBank provides communities with a cost-effective and environmentally conscious solution to the rising cost of waste collection. RecycleBank is able to motivate households and communities to recycle by providing them with the tools to quickly and easily measure the amount of material each home recycles. The amount of material recycled is then converted into RecycleBank reward dollars that can be used at hundreds of local and national reward partners, like IKEA.

Philadelphia was the original test site and launching pad for RecycleBank. Since rolling out efforts in Philadelphia, RecycleBank has gained many valuable reward partners that help support households in the virtuous act of recycling.

The IKEA locations in Conshohocken, Pa., and Philadelphia join the ranks of other innovative reward partners like Starbucks, Patagonia, Whole Foods and Timberland that allow households to redeem RecycleBank reward dollars. This partnership extends the breadth of reward partners for households that participate in recycling efforts where RecycleBank has been deployed. Additionally, this partnership also rewards loyal IKEA customers for their efforts to reduce household garbage.

"IKEA is committed to grassroots environmental work within our stores' communities. Partnering with RecycleBank makes perfect sense because of our shared vision to help protect our limited natural resources," said Heather Scott, operations manager of IKEA South Philadelphia. "We recognize the value that RecycleBank brings to the community and look forward to rewarding our loyal IKEA customers who also participate in responsible waste handling."

RecycleBank reward partners recognize the vast marketing opportunities in connecting themselves with a program that promotes recycling, community involvement and environmental sustainability. When households log in to the RecycleBank Web site to redeem their reward dollars, they can readily view reward partner's logos and links to respective Web sites. Moreover, households recognize that RecycleBank reward partners are socially responsible and strive to work with companies that aim to make communities more sustainable.

"As both a market-driven and environmentally aware company, we recognize the practical importance of providing local communities with incentives to make it easy and rewarding to recycle," said Ron Gonen, CEO of RecycleBank. "Working with a great partner like IKEA provides households with an even larger incentive to help the environment and to continue to shop using RecycleBank reward dollars."

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