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Global warming and its impact on the environment is a hot topic in the news at the moment -- as a software company, Uniblue Systems is aware of the fact that the energy required to run the computers belonging to 660 million users worldwide, runs into millions of kilowatt hours each day. It is estimated that more than 30 billion kilowatt hours of energy are wasted each year because many people forget to shut down their computer when leaving the office. The CO2 emissions from all those computers are huge, especially as the emissions from just 15 computers are equivalent in energy terms to the gas consumption used by one car.

Here's something that every computer user worldwide can do from their desktop, right now, to reduce the output of CO2 from their computer and it's totally free. is a brand new project from the labs at Uniblue Systems. The new downloadable application will automatically optimize the power settings on a PC, by using a more efficient and effective power save mode. An easy-to-use interface allows users to change their default power settings, meaning savings on electricity bills for the users, and therefore a reduction in the amount of Greenhouse Gas that results from powering a computer.

The website updates the results in real time for power savings, and translates this into meaningful environmental terms, such as how many trees and barrels of oil have been saved since the Community started. As word spreads and more people download the application, the website will display the rapid increases in the savings made globally. Members can set up Individual, Team and Company Accounts showing the savings for one, two or a whole office network of PCs. There is a fun aspect to, as users can compete with each other in the "Top 100" League Tables of the biggest savers worldwide.

Uniblue's goal is to introduce 100 million PC users to the Community. With that many members, the community could prevent over 30 billion kWh of gas emissions each year - amounting to a saving of around $3 billion on energy costs alone. For more information about the impact computers have on the environment, see is a non-commercial website and is not a selling platform. It is malware free, carries no advertising, political content or bias in any way. It has been developed specifically to help in the fight against global warming; to demonstrate that individuals can take action and make a real difference to an issue of global importance. By joining the Community, PC users can work together to bring about a positive, noticeable change to the future of our planet.

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