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A $150 million investment will help Ontario homeowners fight climate change, conserve energy and adopt green technologies, Premier McGuinty announced today.

"Ontarians know that fighting climate change presents a huge opportunity to save money and energy, right at home," said Premier Dalton McGuinty.

"Since 2003, we've been taking steps to fight climate change by making historic investments in renewable energy sources like solar and wind. The next step in our plan will help people fight climate change at home by giving them the tools they need to save energy, save money and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions."

Premier McGuinty unveiled a new bundle of programs to help Ontarians upgrade their homes, save money and help Ontario meets its greenhouse gas emissions targets. These programs will be funded through money set aside in the 2007 Budget.

They include:
  • A Home Energy Retrofit Program that will provide up to $5,000 for home energy retrofits that include Energy Star qualified furnaces for heating, solar domestic water systems and insulation
  • A point-of-sale retail sales tax exemption for ENERGY STAR light bulbs, decorative light strings, refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes washers, freezers, dehumidifiers and room air conditioners, purchased, rented or leased after July 19, 2007 and before July 20, 2008
  • Setting a target of 100,000 installed solar systems across Ontario and creating a task force of industry experts and market specialists on how best to achieve this target
  • Extending the retail sales tax rebate on qualifying solar, wind, micro hydro-electric and geothermal equipment to January 1, 2010
  • Partnering with Ontario organizations to establish a one-stop shop where consumers can get information on how to go solar
  • Launching a program for the industrial, commercial and institutional sector to encourage the use of solar thermal equipment
  • Developing a program with Ontario's green energy retailers that helps Ontarians purchase 100 per cent green power, and
  • A pilot project to provide zero-interest loans for homeowners to install renewable energy systems.
"These programs build on our government's efforts to make Ontario the centre of the green economy in North America," said Energy Minister Dwight Duncan. "Today's announcement builds on the over $15 billion that is being invested in Ontario's energy sector, creating thousands of jobs in every corner of our province."

"By working together, we can reduce greenhouse gases and build a cleaner, greener Ontario for today, and for future generations," said Environment Minister Laurel Broten. "Today's announcement is moving Ontario forward and will help all Ontarians do their part to make our province cleaner and greener while keeping the economy strong."

"Climate change is a reality for each and every one of us. That means Energy conservation must be a priority," said Finance Minister Greg Sorbara. "Our initiative is a win-win situation for both consumers and the environment. This tax break will make it easier for consumers to make the right choice when making their purchases."

Ontario's Home Energy Retrofit Program and solar power initiatives are part of the McGuinty government's climate change plan that is delivering results for Ontarians. In the past week alone, the McGuinty government has:
  • Made $220 million in loans and grants available to help municipalities reduce greenhouse gas emissions by improving and retrofitting buildings
  • Unveiled a $17.5 billion transit plan for the GTA and Hamilton that would create 175,000 jobs during the construction of 52 projects and eliminate 10 megatonnes of carbon dioxide by 2020
  • Set ambitious but realistic targets to reduce greenhouse gases below 1990 levels - six per cent by 2014, 15 per cent by 2020 and an 80 per cent reduction by 2050
  • Launched a $650-million fund that will help secure the next generation of high-paying jobs for Ontarians by developing new clean and green technologies.
"Climate change is the defining issue of our generation - we've come a long way, but we have more to do, together," said McGuinty. "By helping Ontarians fight climate change at home, we're moving forward, together, towards a future that is greener and more innovative with a better quality of life and a stronger economy for all Ontarians."

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