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'GreenXchange Xpo' Event Teams Green Visionaries in Business, Tech, Environment and Public Policy

What do global innovators Google and AT&T, one of the world's leading architecture/engineering firm DMJM AECOM, the country's largest municipal water and electricity utility, a world-class talent agency and Environmental Defense - among others - have in common? They're leaders in sustainability, and they're helping shape a new global event to focus attention on this critical issue. The new event, GreenXchange Xpo, was announced today by IDG World Expo in partnership with think-tank and publisher VerdeXchange, and will be launched October 2008 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. GreenXchange will become the world's leading marketplace for green innovation and technology - bringing together stewards, entrepreneurs, policy-makers and implementers to shape the green world. The 2008 event will be preceded by a shaping conference December 10-11, 2007, in Los Angeles.

"Los Angeles is setting the green standard for its use of renewable energy," says LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. "GreenXchange is a critical step in establishing a marketplace for the ideas, products and services that take sustainability from theory to practice. Bringing the private and public sectors together under one roof for a global exchange on green innovation will dramatically impact our opportunity to achieve lasting worldwide sustainability."

GreenXchange's goal is to launch and facilitate the largest, holistic 'green exchange' of ideas and commerce in the world -- synergizing innovative leadership across the green grid. Invited and participating will be: green entrepreneurs and professionals; climate change policy-makers and regulators; environmental stewards, planners, consultants, and academic scientists; media, venture investors and market-makers; organized labor and management; builders, conservationists and recyclers; and futurists.

The GreenXchange Shaping Conference will take place December 10-11, 2007, at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, California, providing an opportunity for the world's leading authorities to discuss the realities of shaping the green world. The GreenXchange Shaping conference will set the stage for the launch of the GreenXchange Xpo, set for October 1-3, 2008, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

"GreenXchange fills a mission-critical role in shaping the exponentially growing global green tech marketplace - the place where energy generation and the environment learn to co-exist," says VerdeXchange Managing Partner David Abel. "Never before has there been a global event that hosts all elements of the green marketplace - a multi-sector, cross-disciplinary summit of global, national and regional policy-makers and shapers, clean technology innovators & entrepreneurs, and, most importantly, buyers and sellers of green technology and innovation from both the public and private sectors."

"GreenXchange offers a unique platform," says VerdeXchange partner Wally Baker, "for informing and sharing environmental best practices - for diffusing technological innovation and affording unparalleled networking opportunities for all the stakeholders involved with implementing sustainability. The event will help launch and advance green initiatives on the regional, national and international level and facilitate the growth and maturity of a $100 billion US vibrant climate-change commercial economy."

"We're delighted to partner with David Abel and Wally Baker of the environmental think tank and publisher VerdeXchange to create a world-class event centered on sustainability," says Mary Dolaher, CEO of IDG World Expo Corp. "GreenXchange will become the world's fulcrum on sustainable best practices - through conferences on critical issues, leading-edge research presentations, innovative products and services in the exhibit halls, and our 'idea Xchanges' that offer concrete green initiatives and solutions to attendees."

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