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Coal-fired power generation coming to an end in New Zealand

Genesis Energy announced today that its last two coal-burning electricity generators at the Huntly Power Station will be permanently withdrawn from the market by December 2018, signaling the end of large scale coal-fired generation, and associated carbon emissions, in New Zealand.

Carbon Taxes and Emissions Trading are Cheapest Ways of Reducing CO2, According to OECD

Carbon taxes and emission trading systems are the most cost-effective means of reducing CO2 emissions, and should be at the center of government efforts to tackle climate change, according to a new OECD study.

Nanomaterial to help reduce CO2 emissions

University of Adelaide researchers have developed a new nanomaterial that could help reduce carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power stations.

Stock values rise when companies disclose "green" information, UC Davis study finds

A UC Davis study finds that it pays to be green, as companies that are open about their greenhouse gas emissions and carbon reduction strategies see stock values rise.

2010 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data from Large Facilities Now Available from EPA

For the first time, comprehensive greenhouse gas (GHG) data reported directly from large facilities and suppliers across the country are now easily accessible to the public through EPA’s GHG Reporting Program.

Up to $55 Million in Funding Available to Develop Advanced Carbon Capture Technology at Existing Coal-Fired Power Plants

US Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced today that $55 million will be made available to develop advanced technologies that can capture carbon dioxide from flue gases at existing power plants so that the greenhouse gas may be sequestered or put to beneficial use.

100 Scientists Support Ten By Ten Call

More than a hundred scientists specialising in climate change, the environment and ecology came together in London to support the Environmental Parliament's launch of the TEN BY TEN campaign.

$30 Million From DOE for Carbon Capture, Sequestration

Two University of California, Berkeley, faculty members will receive $30 million over the next five years from the US Department of Energy to find better ways to separate carbon dioxide from power plant and natural gas well emissions and stick it permanently underground, according to an announcement yesterday (Monday, April 27) from the White House.

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